Orbitrim from Dynamic TV Marketing bills itself as a space age weed whacker attachment that will trim grass and hedges without damaging trees and flowers and makes caring for your lawn easier than ever. They claim Orbitrim will fit on 99.99% of gas trimmers in seconds and save you from accidents or chopped up grass.  

How Orbitrim Works

Orbitrim is a circular attachment with a rounded red bottom and three solid steel blades, surrounded by a patent pending Safety Ring. They claim it replaces the traditional spool and trimmer line of your gas weed whacker, which they say gets tangled easily, breaks, and could destroy your flowerbed.

Instead, they state Orbitrim is designed to fit almost all gas trimmers (and may work with some electric models too) and its tough solid steel design makes it virtually impossible to destroy while eliminating weeds short and tall. Plus, they tout the round red base lets you glide over grass or bushes and trees for an even trim and the Safety Ring will prevent it from whacking away flowers or plants. 

Orbitrim Cost:

$26.90, which is listed as $19.95 plus $6.95 P&H. 

Orbtrim comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus the $6.95 in fees. Orbitrim also comes with a lifetime guarantee, even if it’s your fault it breaks. A customer service representative stated there may be a small ($3.95) fee for the postage.

Bottom Line: Is Orbitrim a Scam?

We certainly agree with the premise behind Orbitrim – regular bump-and-feed weed whacker heads are, well, wack! That’s why the promise of Orbitrim is so appealing. We couldn’t find any specific reviews of Orbitrim because as of May 2015 the product is still pretty new. We love their lifetime guarantee, but there are a few things we’d like to point out.

First, Orbitrim is primarily for gas trimmers, not the electric models you plug in with an extension cord. A customer service representative promised it works with nearly every gas trimmer because they all have a universal mount, but electric models don’t have the same design. They said it may work with your electric, but it’s not guaranteed.

We’d also like to point out that Dynamic TV Marketing’s privacy policy allows them to solicit you with other products as well as to share, sell, or trade your personal information with other companies. They say you may unsubscribe from individual emails by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the communication.

Because of this, we would suggest waiting until Orbitrim is available at your local Target, Walgreens, etc. or online from another retailer that won’t share or sell your information with others. 

Let us know your experience with Orbitrim below!

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