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My experience with Optima Tax

Jan 22, 2018 | | Atlanta, GA

It has been $11000 and two conversations in. I have yet to even know what they are doing because they do not communicate. I contacted them to ask them what status of my affairs and then I received a call. Then, I was told I would be transferred to the next team. It's 2018 no next team has appeared. I reached out today to ask what is the status of my account and they sent me an invoice.

This does not accurately tell me what steps they are taking to resolve my issue. I'm not sure who is monitoring these companies but I have spent thousands of dollars supposedly to help me with the IRS and nothing has changed. This must be the IRS' company because none of them have changed my life, or brought any results or did anything. So BEWARE I'm still waiting for my call to explain what is going on with my taxes.

Don't waste your money, find a company that actually cares about you and respects your hard earned money, and who doesn't send an invoice for a question.


Jan 19, 2018 | | Arizona

Few months after signing up with them and a $6000 payment, they didn’t lift a finger for us. They didn’t return calls. Save yourself the heartache and do not use them. I wouldn’t even recommend this company to my enemy.

Amazing Help.

Jan 18, 2018 | | Greensboro , NC

Optima helped to me was above amazing. Optima helped reduce my tax liability by over 74%.

Winning Team

Jan 15, 2018 | | Florida

I was grateful to have contacted Optima Tax Relief. Their staff came to my rescue and helped resolve a difficult and costly issue. They kept me in the loop during the entire experience with emails, phone calls, and they are still right by my side now. When I had a death in my family in December, and things looked bad over the holidays, they took the time to express their concerns and even sent flowers. I would say these people went above and beyond with their assistance to me. I hope to never be in this situation again but if I am, I know who to turn to for help.

Optima Tax Relief is worth it! Saved the day.

Jan 12, 2018 | | Martinez, CA

I had an amazing experience with Optima Tax Relief. They were responsive, informative, and helped me navigate a very daunting tax issue. We were happy with the outcome of our resolution. I would never have been able to deal with the tax issue on my own and if I had to do it over again, I would hire Optima Tax Relief. Highly recommended.

Working with Optima Tax Relief.

Jan 10, 2018 | | Richmnd

Working with Optima Tax Relief was a good experience. My case manager was very helpful in explaining the information and answering all of my questions. I would recommend them to others.

Recommend Optima Tax Relief.

Dec 26, 2017 | | Chicago, Illinois

I would definitely recommend Optima Tax Relief to anyone that needs help resolving their tax issues with the IRS. The staff is very professional, courteous, and prompt with everything.

Spam emails are a giveaway.

Oct 26, 2017 | | Jersey city, NJ

No reputable company will use spam emails to search for customers!

I'm glad I became aware of this scam before I lost more $

Sep 26, 2017 | | TN

Sketchy company from the start. They lure you in and act like it will be around $1,000 but they can make it $495 if you act fast. This should be a red flag. Professionals should know what their service is worth and have a set price. It is unfair to charge one person half and another double that. They can't guarantee you results so you can lose your money that you could put towards your taxes. $4495 additional cost or more to proceed with the case.

And possibly, they will ask for a few thousand more. It's a money scam. You are definitely a guinea pig if you hand over that amount. I've seen reviews where they keep asking for money. It makes you vulnerable to their game when you invest. A company should get results without upfront money. At least be able to show you what they can do. I will not give them anymore of my hard earned money.

Sad and sorry

Jul 10, 2017 | | Washington

Over a year and a half ago we paid 12 thousand dollars to Optima Tax Relief. In return we received nothing but empty promises. They do NOT return phone calls. Agents refer you to other agents. You end up repeating yourself over and over. No one takes notes on your account. Records on your account are sketchy, incomplete or incorrect. Questions are never answered. The run around is their specialty.

Oh, if only we had read the negative reviews! We could have saved ourselves that $12,000 and endless headaches. Believe the negative reviews or suffer just like we have. Optima will collect your money up front, and you will NOT feel satisfied with the results. Choose to believe differently, and it's your loss. You have been warned by those of us who got burned. Optima is also good at eliminating negative reviews on their service. Bottom line: you'll pay an enormous amount for empty promises and the run around.

What a rip off

Jun 30, 2017 | | Vacaville, CA

This is a total scam, Zann Nguok is a liar, Avoids the total cost during the free consultation. Charged me $500 to start the process, when I asked again what am I looking at totally, he told me between $1,000 to $2,100 total. 3 weeks later going over the results, told me it would cost me a additional, $3,400. Not even close to what he told me, avoid this scam business. What comes around goes around.

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