One Stop Shine Auto is a spray-on car wash the manufacturers promise doesn’t use any water but will still make your car sparkle. They claim you can use it inside your car as well as out and it won’t leave any oily residue either.

How One Stop Shine Auto Works

One Stop Shine Auto is said to be made from “high-tech polymers” but they don’t get more specific than that. With one wipe, they promise One Stop Shine cleans and protects everything on your car from the dashboard to the tire rims and even does leather seats. For those people looking not to waste water (especially in dry California) the pitch is that this product cleans without you turning on the hose.

One Stop Shine Auto Price:

$23.98 – this gives you 2 bottles of One Stop Shine Auto plus Windshield Protector Fluid. This price is pitched as $10 for the first bottle, plus processing and handling. Then, they add another $6.99 in handling for the second one, but call it a “free bonus.”

One Stop Shine promises if your car isn’t showroom new they’ll return your money if you send it back within 30 days. This is minus the P&H fees of $13.98 and what it costs you in postage.

Bottom Line: Is One Stop Auto Shine a Scam?

One Stop Auto Shine may be an excellent car cleaner that doesn’t use any water and works with one wipe. But there are some things aside from the product’s claims that you should think about.

  • They don’t say how big your bottles of One Stop Auto Shine are or how many uses. This makes it unclear if you are getting a good value for your $23.98. A call to a customer service representative was unhelpful as they said they had no information on the product.
  • Even though they state it’s only $10 the real price is $23.98 for these 2 bottles. Even if you return One Stop Shine Auto, they’ll keep $13.98 because of fees.
  • This means they will make money whether One Stop Auto Shine works or not – a common tactic in “As Seen On TV” products like these.
  • The One Stop Auto Shine Privacy Policy Page gives them the right to solicit you about other products via email, snail mail, or phone. They can also sell your information to 3rd parties. You can opt out of this but you have to send a lot of emails.
  • The company behind One Stop Auto Shine is Tristar Products who have a C- rating from the BBB. As of Oct 2014, they had 410 complaints in the last 12 months.

In other words, products like One Stop Auto Shine have ways of making money whether they work or not. Either they sell you the product, make money off your refund, or perhaps by selling your personal information to another marketer.

If you are interested in a waterless car wash product, why not find one that has good customer reviews, lower hidden fees, and a better privacy policy? Let us know what you think below!