One Pan is a partitioned baking pan that the manufacturers tout will cook 3 different meals at once. These removable, adjustable non-stick dividers allow you to use the same pan to cook a meat lasagna and a separate veggie lasagna, for example, at the same time.

But is One Pan really as convenient as they make it out to be? Let’s take an in-depth look…

The One Pan Pitch

One Pan is primarily targeted at busy moms who like the idea of less mess and more convenience. It also attempts to tempt those families with different diet restrictions and/or meal preferences. In the informercial, the pan is used to make different meals and desserts that are quickly consumed by hungry family members.

How One Pan Works

One Pan is essentially a rectangular baking pan whose dimensions are 12” x 15” x 3”. It is made from a non-stick material (that is not disclosed) and has 2 removable 12” dividers. To use One Pan, select the number of partitions you want to use and slide to the appropriate portion size.

They suggest you can cook chicken pies on one side and a shepherd’s pie in the other, make 3 different loaves of bread, or three different brownie recipes. They also tout that you can have one section of the pan be gluten-free or vegetarian, or cook a dinner and two side dishes all at once. They claim One Pan will save you time in the kitchen both cooking the meal and cleaning up after it.

One Pan Costs… WHAT?

$35.97 – this is pitched on the website as $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping/handing for the One Pan and a cookbook of meals and desserts but they also automatically charge you another $7.99 in fees for the supposedly “free” Silicone Grabbers. You have 30 days to return One Pan if you don’t like it, but they’ll still keep the $15.98 in fees they’ve charged you (you also have to pay to ship it back).

Bottom Line: Is One Pan a Scam?

This product may indeed be a convenient way to cook several things at once. We would like to point out, however:

  • This is an “As Seen On TV” product, which have been known to overstate their promises and sometimes disappoint consumers.
  • You will have to pay $15.98 even if doesn’t work like they say.
  • One Pan’s Privacy Policy page allows them to solicit you with other products and/or sell your information to third parties.
  • Remember, different meals often require different cooking temperatures and times. If/when you use OnePan, you need to pair foods that have similar baking requirements, otherwise you may burn everyone's din-din.
  • If your someone in your family has strict dietary requirements or allergies, you may want to prepare separately and be sure the  ingredients don't mix. 

What do you think about One Pan?  Did it work as promise or were you disappointed? Let us know!