ONE Hands Feet from Plymouth Direct is a cream that claims it turns back the hands of time right before your eyes, hydrating and moisturizing the skin while peeling away aging skin. They claim you can use on both your hands and feet (hence the name) and you will start seeing results in 30 seconds, as it works “like magic” to reveal youthful skin.

What’s in ONE Hands Feet That They Say Makes it so Great?

The main ingredient listed in Tahitian Noni Oil, which comes from a seed of an evergreen related to the coffee plant and grows in tropical regions. Livestrong notes that there have been some studies that the juice from the plant acts as an anti-inflammatory, but few studies have been done on the oil when used on the skin. The FDA has issued warning letters to companies selling Tatian Noni Juice praising its medicinal benefits without any scientific proof. 

The other ingredients are listed as “organic fruit enzymes.” Enzymes work on the skin by breaking down keratin protein in dead skin cells and creams that contain blueberry, papaya, or pineapple are thought to be effective. But according to an article in Self, these enzymes can be very finicky and unstable when exposed to the environment and you can’t know if they’ve stopped working unless you take it to a lab. Side effects of enzymes like papaya include skin irritation and allergic reactions. 

Conclusion: there is some evidence enzymes can exfoliate and help make skin smoother, but Noni oil has no proven benefits for the skin.

What Kind of Proof do they Have ONE Hands Feet Works?

They don’t cite any specific evidence but they have some Before/Afters that seem to be enhanced by different lighting:

Screenshot of Before/After pictures

Note how the “Before” is a cold blue light and the “After is nice and warm.

They also have as a spokesperson actress Taylor Baldwin who emphatically insists ONE Hands Feet does work, demonstrating the product on various women at a beauty counter. 

It should be noted that Taylor is paid for her appearance and we don’t see the reactions of people that didn’t make the cut. 

What is ONE Hands Feet Going to Cost to Try?

$29.89, which they claim is a double offer, giving you 2 bottles of ONE Hands Feet for $19.99 and each bottle has $4.95 in shipping and handling fees. There is also mention on the website of a Deluxe offer for $39.89. We called customer service in June 2015 and they had no information as to the size of the bottles and the difference between them except to say the Deluxe bottles were bigger.

ONE Hands Feet is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, minus the $9.90 in fees and what it costs to ship back.

ONE Hands Feet Privacy Policy

ONE Hands Feet and Plymouth Direct have a standard privacy policy that allows them to use your name, address, telephone, and email to solicit you with other products or services. They may also give this information to “reputable” third parties to do the same. They give you the option to remove yourself from these lists by sending an email to as well as unsubscribing by visiting

Privacy Grade: C – sadly average for the industry as they automatically allow use of your information by third parties but give you the option to remove yourself.

Bottom Line: Is ONE Hands Feet the Beauty Product I NEED for Younger Skin?

ONE Hands Feet touts the ability to turn back the aging clock within 30 seconds. While using a fruit enzyme on your skin can result in getting rid of dead skin cells, revealing newer skin, side effects can include redness (we’d also like to point out that there is no Fountain of Youth). There is a danger that this type of home product can be overused, which can lead to stressed skin and increased sensitivity to sunlight.

We couldn’t find any specific reviews of ONE Hands Feet but we should point out to you that the company behind them Plymouth Direct has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB says they have received 145 complaints over 3 years (as of June 2015) as to delivery problems, advertising issues, and faulty products. 

Alternatives to ONE Hands Feet

While an exfoliate like ONE Hands Feet is a good idea for a healthy skin routine, there are many factors to consider, including skin type and sensitivity. For a rundown of different exfoliation methods, check out this article on the International Dermal Institute website. Hint: they don’t recommend abrasive scrubs, and they say enzymes like the ones in ONE Hands Feet do cause a softening effect and are much less harsh than other types of chemical peels, therefore they are generally recommended for people with sensitive skin.

You may also want to check out Physical or Chemical: What Kind of Exfoliator is Best from (Spoiler alert: she prefers chemical). 

Generally speaking, no-name fruit enzyme exfoliators available at your local drugstore can be just as effective as ones with a fancy bottle or ingredients. The main concern is that you don’t do it too much.

You may also want to check out Rank & Style’s Ten Best Facial Exfoliators. We hope this helps you make a decision – let us know your experience with ONE Hands Feet below!

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