One Drop Fry Pan is marketed under the George Foreman name and promises you can have delicious fried foods using just a drop of oil. George Foreman One Drop Fry Pan promises you will fry foods in half the time and with less fat, making them healthier for you and without losing any flavor.

How One Drop Fry Pan Works

One Drop Fry Pan is a pan of unknown dimensions that comes with a lid and a removable handle for storage or oven use. They claim the secret to the George Foreman One Drop Fry Pan is the raised vented cylinder in the center of the pan that is said to pull heat through it to cook food more quickly and evenly.

To use George Foreman One Drop Fry Pan they instruct you to just use a drop of oil. Because the One Drop Fry Pan cooks food quicker and uses less oil, they say this will preserve more nutrients and make foods less greasy. They promise you can eat fried chicken or french fries without the guilt!

One Drop Fry Pan Costs:

$37.85 for 2 One Drop Fry Pans. This is pitched as $19.95 plus $8.95 shipping for the first one and they say the second one is free but charge an additional $8.95 shipping; there is no way to order just one.

George Foreman One Drop Fry Pan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee; however, remember this is just the $19.95 and not any of the shipping fees and you have to pay to ship them back yourself.

Bottom Line: Is One Drop Fry Pan Worth The Hype?

One Drop Fry Pan may allow you to cook food with less oil, resulting in foods that are less greasy and possibly a little bit better for you nutritionally-speaking. But, remember:

George Foreman doesn’t really have anything to do with this product except for licensing his name. (It is unclear if it’s even the same people who brought you the multi-million selling George Foreman Grill.)

Using less oil is generally considered a good idea, but there is no evidence that cooking food faster helps it retain any more nutrients.

We were unable to find out any dimensions of this pan; when we called the customer service number listed, there was a generic message saying items are back-ordered and to call back in September – we called in December. If you decide to order, we suggest calling (877) 300-5499 first to see if they’ve bothered to update their message.

Finally, it’s not necessarily a special pan that lets have fried foods that are less greasy. First, the temperature of the oil also plays a part, as lower heats tend to make your food soak up more oil. You can also simply decide to reduce the amount of oil you use, browning your food in a pan and then baking completely in the oven.

If you are interested in more information about frying with less oil, we suggest reading: Healthy Frying Basics from Cooking Light as well as Healthy Low Fat Fried Food from Eating Well which give tips that don’t require a special pan.

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