Nutri Ninja Pro Blender is basically a high-powered blender with a cool name. It’s got 900 Watts of power and claims to have a “PRO Extractor Blade” that liquifies fruits, veggies, and ice in seconds. They add that this “extracts” nutrients and vitamins as well as makes for smoother smoothies, but does it really do anything that special?

Nutri Ninja Pro is sold by Euro-Pro, a marketing company that gets a D rating from the BBB. (That said, the Ninja family of blender products generally seem to have positive online reviews, including here.

The Nutri Ninja Pro Blender Pitch

It sounds like it might make for a great cartoon or action movie - the Nutri Ninja! And its claims are just as heroic: it’s a Super Blender that is better than a regular blender or juicer and will improve your health. They emphasize this with images of healthy fruits and vegetables on the website, and pictures of the Nutri Ninja itself show it filled with those items along with a scoop of ice.

In big letters near the bottom of the site they say “Nutri Ninja Pro Blender Beverages May Help Fuel Your Body to:” and then they have a bulleted list of things like “support immune health, increase energy, and improve fitness recovery”. Note that the key word here is “May”.

What Nutri Ninja Pro Blender Does

Blend. Sure, it’s got all kinds of bells & whistles, like a 900 Watt motor and 2 different sized vessels that double as cups. It’s pulse activated, so it seems to be fun to work. And if you put in healthy ingredients like oranges, kale, or beets you may experience some beneficial effects that come from those foods. But if you fill it with ice cream or margarita mix, you will get fat (and drunk).

The Difference Between Juicers and Blenders

A juicer extracts the liquids from within a fruit or veggie, leaving behind the fibers and pulp. A blender just, well, blends, skins, seeds, and innards together. Some say it’s better to juice than blend, others just the opposite. We’ll let you (and your doctor) decide what’s best for you.

Each Nutri Ninja Pro Blender includes:

  • Nutri Ninja Pro Blender
  • 24oz Nutri Ninja Cup
  • 18oz Nutri Ninja Cup
  • 2 Sip & Seal Lids
  • Recipe & Wellness Guide

Nutri Ninja Pro Blender Costs:

$89.99 online from Wal-Mart, Target, or Bed Bath Beyond. All of them offer free shipping and returns that include pre-paid postage for up to 90 days after purchase. Huzzah!

Bottom Line: Is Nutri Ninja Pro Blender a Scam?

Nutri Ninja makes a lot of claims about its product, most of which depend on what foods you put into it. A 900 Watt powered motor is decent, but not great. For comparison a Hamilton Beach 350 Watt model sells for $19.94 on the web and the high-end Vitamix Blenders are $528.95 and have 1,491 Watts (aka 2 HP). But do you really need all that juice for blended juice? Perhaps. (People seem to be incredibly passionate about their blenders and/or juicers.) If don’t have a blender already and are intrigued by the Nutri Ninja’s possibilities, you won’t be ripped off. But if there is a blender already collecting dust in your cupboard, we suggest whipping up a smoothie with that appliance and then giving a long, hard think about whether you need a new one or not.