NuPlenish Skincare is an anti-aging cream that claims to be Hollywood’s best kept secret that’s better than Botox and will make you look 10 years younger – no injections necessary! NuPlenish states its ingredients have been clinically tested and will feel like a mini face-lift so they urge you to take advantage of their special trial offer…

What Exactly is in NuPlenish Skincare That Makes it So Great?

They don’t really list the ingredients, except to say fancy terms like it’s a “proprietary biosphere” that is combined with “Qusome delivery” to allow it to penetrate deeper levels of skin. They do say that the biofil spheres are made of a natural wheat protein, which acts like a sponge resulting in fewer wrinkles. 

In spite of how fancy they make it sound, hydrolyzed wheat protein is a very common ingredient in many skin (and hair) creams, because it is known for its moisturizing properties.  While hydrolyzed wheat protein is generally considered safe, some people may have an allergic reaction to wheat, resulting in itching or redness.

NuPlenish Skincare mentions it includes “essential vitamins and antioxidants” to smooth your skin but fail to say which ones. If it does include vitamin C, for example, it may be helpful in slightly reducing wrinkles. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, there is some evidence that vitamin C when applied topically can help reduce the appearance of aging; however, they stated the effects are not apparent on all individuals. 

But, again, there is nothing particularly special about vitamin C cream, which can easily be purchased at your local drugstore with the same level of effectiveness.

How They Tempt You To Try NuPlenish Skincare

NuPlenish uses a sales pitch we’re very familiar with. In fact, we’ve seen this exact template they use on their website dozens of times, as illustrated below.

Screenshot of popular template

We looked up the address of NuPlenish listed at 2321 E 4th St. Suite C #114 Tustin CA, 92705 and found it was the same one used for BeauDerma (#3 in the picture above), as well as Garcina Maxima, a questionable diet pill supplement

The “Clinical Evidence”

NuPlenish claims its skincare product is scientifically proven and they state that in a study conducted with their advanced formula, several hundred women saw:

Screenshot of NuPlenish Skincare website

That sounds impressive and all, but they don’t provide any information on how this study was conducted or who conducted it. Without this information, these numbers are essentially meaningless. (If you’d like to learn more about how to ready a clinical study, click here.)

The “Before/After” (Photoshop)

NuPlenish uses a few alleged “Before/After” photos to try to convince you of its potency, but, again, these are the SAME pictures we’ve seen on at least a dozen other websites.

In fact, one of them is just so ridiculous we have to point it out every time we see it:

Screenshot of before/after pictures

Clearly this is just the same exact photo with a (bad) Photoshop retouch – they even brushed out her beauty mark!

The Shady Affiliate Scheme

If you type in “NuPlenish reviews” in Google, you will likely get results like this:

Screenshot of Google search results

These sites all look legit but they have a couple things in common: 

a) they all are associated with NuPlenish or make money on a commission for every sale

b) they are designed to hog search engine results, in an attempt to knock the unbiased review sites (like BrightReviews) off the top page. 

They are supposed to list their affiliation somewhere on their site, but many of them don’t bother (including the ones we clicked on for NuPlenish). 

Congratulations for picking the right site and not falling for the others. To learn more about how to spot a fake affiliate – click here

How Does The NuPlenish Skincare Trial Offer Work?

NuPlenish attempts to tempt you with an irresistible offer – but they won’t tell you what it is unless you fill out their form with your name, address, phone number and email. This is done before they show you the price so in case you abandon the transaction they can still solicit you with more stuff later. 

Once you get to the shopping cart screen, they list the offer as 14-day trial, no commitment. Depending on how many times you refresh the page, you could pay $4.95 or $1.95 in shipping fees.

But what you pay upfront isn’t important to them. What is important is the fine print at the bottom of the page, which reads: “By submitting, you concent [sic] to having read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions and after your 14 day trial period has expired, being enrolled in our membership program for $89.95 plus shipping per month. You can cancel anytime by calling 1-888-617-6458.”

If you do take the time to read their Terms and Conditions, they state:

  • The 14-day trial begins 2 days after you place your order. However, your package may take 5 days or longer to get there.
  • You need to call 1-888-617-6458 1 business day before the trial period is up to cancel.
  • They do not accept returns after this trial period is over.
  • You also waive your right to sue them or join any class action lawsuit.

Bottom Line: Is NuPlenish Skincare a Great Way to Look Younger?

No. Why do we make such a bold proclamation? NuPlenish currently has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau with 22 complaints in the last year (as of July 2015). As we mentioned, they are also associated with BeauDerma, which also has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau website for 85 complaints in the last 12 months. Many people have complained about the short trial period and hidden subscription plan as outlined above. The key points:

  • 14 day trial starts 2 days after order, not when it arrives
  • You will be billed at least $89.95 if you miss the deadline

Alternatives to NuPlenish Skincare

Generally speaking, we do not recommend purchasing any “anti-aging” skin cream from any website on the Internet, save for the established retailers like Amazon, Target, etc.

But even then we say: instead go to your local pharmacy and get a low-cost moisturizing cream, particularly one with vitamin C. As we exposed in our article 7 Secrets of the Anti-Aging industry over-the-counter creams work just as good as fancy ones.

We hope this helps you make a decision about NuPlenish. If you have already ordered we suggest you call 1-888-617-6458 right away in order to prevent any unwanted charges. And be sure to let us know your experience!

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