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Like a set of keys.

Dec 28, 2017 | | Highlands, NC

BIO X4 for me is like putting the key in the ignition. There is no more upset stomach, and fuller utilization of the food being consumed. Weight loss going steady also! Thank you!

BIO X4 really works!

Jan 3, 2018 | | Sacramento, CA

I primarily started taking BIO X4 to help my diabetes. My sugar levels went down, as well as, I lost 14 pounds. This took about six months. It really works.

It’s works for me.

Jan 4, 2018 | | New York City

Good product. It works for me, but that dose does not work for my daughter.

What a great feeling!

Jan 6, 2018 | | California

I didn’t know that natural ingredients could make me feel so GREAT! Bless you, BIO X4! I’m addicted to a positive product, and I never thought I would say that. Robert Asencio, California.

Thyroid and issues.

Jan 14, 2018 | | Appleton, WI

I think the probiotics are very helpful. I have enough for the next quite a few months, so I don’t need to be contacted for a supply.

Nucific is a RIPOFF! No product received and no refund!

Jun 11, 2018 | | TX

Do not buy Nucific! I ordered the product for $53.95 on 05/16/2018, and I've been waiting over two and a half weeks and never received the product. I called twice and emailed them, and they told me they would forward my information to customer service center. I had to call again a week later and they told me they would rush the order and I’d receive an email with tracking, which I never received the email or package. I called on 06/05/2018 and told them I want a full refund. Today, 06/11/2018 there is still no refund! I reported them to the BBB as well. Buyer beware! Do not purchase anything from them!

Warning of side effects.

Aug 8, 2018 | | Charleston, SC

I received this product from a friend who purchased it for his digestion after giving him some supplements. I am writing this because initially I had symptoms but did not see how they could be caused by the probiotic, after reading other people's reviews I feel that these symptoms serve as a warning to others.

First, the supplement has an herb used for weightless in it that prevents absorption of fat. I recommend researching this, and a diet pill (now banned) used to do the same thing. It is one thing to want to be thin; it is quite another if you are willing to compromise your health and harm your body, potentially irreversibly, to get there. I also do not think fats are the major cause of weight in the western world, and inhibiting fat absorption leaves a person presumably just absorbing carbohydrates. I experienced that as wild blood swings, dull tension-type headaches, which I never get and presume were hypoglycemic. I had diarrhea multiple times per hour, steatorrhea a fatty, smelly, greasy stools, in spite of not eating tons of fat. I had nausea from any form of cardiovascular exercise, and heat causes me to unable to complete yoga class, which I go to in the mornings, as part of my routine. I also got itching and biting sensation on the skin. I was extremely fatigued, which I presume is more of a detrimental effect on my liver and organs from experience.

I had poor sleep and feeling unrested after sleeping, and I had an extremely low mood, which is, and has been proven to be a direct consequence of gut health. I would like to first point out that the "herb" that is supposed to aid in weight loss may contain heavy metals and has been shown to inhibit thirst, which in my opinion is a recipe of disaster in the summer heat. It is not at all a mechanism for weight loss unless the only thing a person is able to drink is alcohol or sugary fruit syrup. I did have some appetite loss, but that's because I literally felt as though I am recovering from a 48-hour illness and have been too nauseous to eat for a large portion of the day. Anyway, that's my experience and warning about the product.

Scammed by Nucifics claims

Oct 6, 2018 | | Waco, TX

Nucific and BIO X4 are scams to take your money. Like a fool, I gave $150 of hard earned money and bought into the hype. I bought the capsules and they did absolutely nothing, other than short on money and a stomach ache every day. Don’t play the same fool I did and believe they will refund your money if not satisfied. I have sent several messages and they have never responded. BE AWARE. Buy at your own risk!

Weight loss

Dec 14, 2018 | | Greeley, CO

I haven’t noticed any big change in my weight but again, it’s the holidays. I think I’ll wait until after the first of the year to try again. The best thing about it was I didn’t get jittery. I was worried about the green tea. Merry Christmas!

Better digestion

Dec 27, 2018 | | Maineville, OH

I have trouble with my stomach and digestion. I have leaky bowels and irritable bowel syndrome. The product has helped!

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