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Video vs. product

Dec 31, 2016 | | Florida

The video said there should be 10 unique strains of probiotics and (I think) 10 billion probiotics per serving. Well, the pill has 5 unique probiotics and only 4 billion. Seems if their pill doesn't live up to their own minimum why buy it?

Not what it claims to be!

Dec 8, 2016 | | Columbia Falls, Montana

I'm on the first bottle pressing through! I have headaches, nausea, bloating, gas; I have it all! No weight loss, and now my low back pain is off the charts! Can't sleep sit or stand and I am in constant pain!!!

A work in progress

Jun 30, 2016 | | Ohio

I bought Bio X4 for my mom. She tried it and said she got headaches and her BP went up. I am already on meds for BP and have been monitoring it weekly, so far, no issues. No headaches for me, but I am feeling dizzy. I imagine this could be a side effect of the green tea extract, but I am also monitoring this.

As for weight loss. I am 5' 4", 231 lbs. Considered morbidly obese (I cried when I heard that because although I know, I am overweight, it's not hanging off me while I shove donuts in my face on my motor scooter because I can't walk anymore). I have hormone issues. I am also taking Metformin 500mg once daily. This medication can cause loose stool, along with the probiotic in the product, I am VERY regular. I find I am still hungry, but at some point, yes, you feel hungry. It's what happens when you are a human. I have been taking this product sporadically for a month, maybe twice a day, maybe once, sometimes not at all. I have lost 3 pounds.

I forgot to mention I also have a very active 15-month old who doesn't let me sit down, so I have no idea if the weight loss is from this pill, me being more active or the other meds. I know I eat well for about two weeks out of the month and well-being low sugar, low carb, salads with minimal dressing. But come PMS time, all bets are off, and I am eating pizza twice that week, don't judge me.

I am not out much money because my mom did not want any for her three month supply. I am concerned about being dizzy, but I like the jittery feeling too (I am odd) so I say try it. If you don't like it, return it.

Poor customer service and possible alleged violation of the deceptive business trade practices act.

Dec 2, 2015 | | Wylie, TX

It is not the product that I am complaining about but the way the purchasing process how it took place. It is kind of deceptive to me. Why? First, the up-sell of this product is very bad because I was shocked to learn that I was charged $181.95 for ordering just one bottle of Bio X4! From my opinion, the website when I ordered this product is very deceiving. It did not clearly display the way to Option out. Perhaps it was deliberately done in a manner so as to defraud me and others.

I noticed that the line to Option out is not fully highlighted in blue color but it was a light gray color and very hard for me to notice as well as by other consumers if they wanted to opt out from those up-sells.

Second, when I received this product, I noticed in the invoice that the amount of charge was not stated there; the total amount they charged me was left out,only the quantity. This upsets me because there was not enough information/disclosures. I was totally shocked by the very expensive amount they charged me when I contacted them.

Invoices from other companies usually and clearly state how much was taken out from my bank account when I got their invoices.

Third, the customer service rep. misrepresented himself when he assumed and he told me that I received 6 or 7 bottles of this product. I disputed that and i told him I got only 4 bottles. I was supposed to get only ONE bottle just to try it first. He confused me with numerous numbers, amounts and figures in our conversation and confused me with a refund or exchange that I cannot understand at all!

I have not tried this product as of this writing. I just opened the shipment box container today therefore I cannot say about recommending this product to a friend.

This is not right!

It's working

Nov 22, 2015 | | USA

I wish I knew about the 5HTP before I ordered. It has always given me a headache. I can't take more than one capsule per day due to the headaches, but didn't want to give up. It is truly working on my appetite, which for me is Miraculous. I notice, that I'm full before my meals are over. Another benefit, I'm discovering, is that the probiotics are working on some other issues. Even with the lowered dosage, A true bonus for me again, as I had really been suffering with leaky gut without realizing it. I'm rooting for this supplement as this is the best thing I have found. I have tried Phentermine, detox teas, antifungal, etc. I have been always hungry, always bloated, and always suffering. This is one of the first supplements I will actually be reordering.

Nucific BIO X4

Nov 15, 2015 | | Springfield, PA

I have tried this product for 10 days and lost 7 lbs, but it has left me itching all over my body, There must be something in this product that I am allergic to and I would like to have a refund.

Bio-X 4 Supplement Review

Oct 13, 2015 | | United States

I have tried a lot of diets, supplements, etc. over the last 30 years. Nothing stopped the 1 to 2 lb slow, increase in weight, per year. Bio-X4 has helped me lose 15 lb's in a few months. I eat 5 small meals a day and when I remember to take with meals and with 1 organic coconut oil supplement, the lb's melt off. I am so excited! Weight gain has stopped and I am now slowly losing excess weight from having babes, thyroid issues and menopause.

I am rarely hungry and have to make myself eat and this probiotic does not cause any jitters. Thank you so much! I only have 80 more pounds to go.

Worthless junk.

Oct 2, 2015 | | New York

Do not waste your money. This product does nothing. It is just a huge waste of money!

I have a question.

Sep 29, 2015 | | Meridian, ID

I recently received and began using Nucific BIO X4. In the past, if I tried taking supplements of any kind I would get severe headaches. I did not think of this when I ordered this product. I have tried it and I am having the same difficulty with the headaches. I am not able to use the product, much to my disappointment. To whom do I send the remainder, and receive a refund?


Like the info video, but not buying Nucific's BIO X4

Sep 16, 2015 | | Wauconda, IL

After listening to the information leading to BIO X4, we surfed to check into the manufacturing company While it may be fine, we are opting to head to local health vitamin store to purchase ingredients separately and try them as advised. We think it is good detail and a well made video. Also agree with your advice about not buying such products online. Thanks!

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