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Felt a difference in a week

Dec 24, 2018 | | Detroit, MI

I am more regular and feel better taking these probiotics.

Love my probiotic

Dec 24, 2018 | | Maysville, GA

I love it. I don’t go a day without it. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quality probiotic.

Seems to be helping

Dec 23, 2018 | | Wyoming

The pre- and probiotics seemed to be really helping with my severe IBS and intestinal issues. I got off the dose for a bit a really noticed. I have not had the ketone success I had hoped for, but it may take more time and I am willing to keep trying.

Great product

Dec 23, 2018 | | Fontana, CA

I noticed a big difference after about two to three weeks. I love this product and highly recommend.

It (abs)solutely works!

Dec 23, 2018 | | Alabama

I saw the infomercial of Nucific BIO 4X and immediately ordered it. I followed the instructions and along with a proper daily diet and exercise, I am down 25 pounds and my belly fat has decreased tremendously. I can bend over and touch my toes now! I love BIO 4X! It's an awesome product!

Great for digestion

Dec 22, 2018 | | North Carolina

I was recently diagnosed with lactose intolerance, the symptoms and cramps at the time were excruciating. I started taking just OTC meds for the lactose issue but still had problems. I gave BIO X4 and no more digestion problems, I didn’t lose weight but I feel so much better.

Weight loss

Dec 22, 2018 | | Leominster, MA

The excess weight is coming off. I have to look good with my 45th high school reunion right around the corner. I can’t wait to see my friends from high school.

Amazing product

Dec 22, 2018 | | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I was skeptical at first about how well this product would work, but like many was compelled by the informative video. I was amazed to find that I quickly lost five pounds in two weeks. The product has taken away any bloating and stomach issues that I used to have. It keeps me very regular. I am very happy with this product and will continue to use. That being said, I am petite and didn’t have much weight to lose anyway. I was so excited for my husband and mom to try it. A month after I started, they also tried the product. Despite my quick and amazing results, my mom and husband did not lose any weight. I suppose the product works differently with different body types. They have more to lose and I had very little. I also tried to work out a bit more and watch what I was eating. The bottom line is, I think the product is wonderful but may not work for everyone. I love the digestive benefits and how it keeps me regular (even though I was pretty regular before, this is even more so). It’s not a quick fix and those who don’t try to change their eating habits and get some exercise into their route will be disappointed.

Positive changes

Dec 21, 2018 | | Sherman, Texas

I, so far, have lost 5 lbs, diminished cravings for sweets and regular digestion.

So far. So good.

Dec 21, 2018 | | Washington, DC

It has been almost two months now, and I'd say I've been 90% consistent in terms of taking BIO X4 three times per day. Just now seeing some decent results, pretty impressive. The most noticeable effects are not feeling bloated after or during meals, even heavier ones.

Greatly decreased appetite

Dec 21, 2018 | | Denver, CO

Although I often forget to take a capsule before a meal, my appetite has reduced almost to nothing most of the time. I've lost seven pounds since Thanksgiving. During the holiday season, I'm watching my portions and not feeling hungry.

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