BIO X4 from Nucific is a supplement that they claim contains 4 powerful ingredients that work together to help you control and lose weight: digestive enzymes to help you extract the maximum nutrients, probiotics to rebalance your gut with healthy bacteria, which acts as mood enhancer and appetite suppressant, and EGCG from green tea said to help support a healthy metabolism.

What is the Science Behind the Nucific BIO X4 Ingredients?

BIO X4 makes many claims about the ingredients in its supplement. Let’s take a look at the scientific evidence behind each of them, shall we?

Probiotics: What Are They?

Probiotics are active yeasts that interact with the bacteria that is living in your gut. We don’t want to freak you out but you have more than 500 types of bacteria in there, but they are essential to your health. Basically speaking, there are “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria; we need them both but when the “bad” outweigh the good, this results in digestive and health problems, which taking a probiotic is thought to help cure.

There is a lot of interest in probiotics because they do seem to work for a variety of ailments including Chron’s disease, lung infections, and yeast infections. In spite of many ongoing studies, so far the most conclusive evidence is that it helps with childhood diarrhea. Medicinal use of probiotics has not been approved by the FDA and there is some concern that when ingested in pill form, the probiotics may be destroyed by stomach acids before they reach the intestine.

Probiotics Listed in BIO X4:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus blend (L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, L. planterum)
  • Bifidobacterium blend (B. lactis, B. animalis)

Probiotics Side Effects and Warnings:

Like all supplements, probiotics are considered safe but there are some possible side effects including bloating and gas due to upset stomach. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid taking probiotics as well people with a weakened immune system.

Conclusion: Probiotics may help with some bowel problems but there is insufficient evidence that it helps with weight loss.

Digestive Enzyme Blend

The next ingredient in Nucific BIO X4 is what they call a digestive enzyme blend consisting of amylase, bromelain, and lipase.

Amylase is an enzyme that is in our saliva to help us digest carbs like rice and potatoes. Taking it as a supplement may help with swelling.

Bromelain is an enzyme naturally found in pineapple and helps digest protein. It has been used to treat indigestion and appears to be effective for reducing inflammation and infection from injuries.

Lipase is also produced in our pancreas and helps us break down proteins into amino acids. Most people don’t need additional lipase, although a small clinical study of 18 people showed it could help with indigestion, bloating, and gas.

Conclusion: Most people have enough amaylase and lipase in their system. Bromelain can possibly help with digestion, bloating and gas.

Green Tea Extract

Finally, the last ingredient listed in Nucific BIO X4 is green tea extract, said to contain 50% EGCG (aka epigallocatechin gallate). Drinking 5-6 cups of green tea seems to help with cardiovascular and metabolic health, but studies are still preliminary. EGCG has also been shown to in some studies to boost metabolism and burn fat; however the New York Times notes that most of the evidence comes from test tube and animal research. In addition, EGCG has been a cause of concern by the FDA because it may contribute to childhood leukemia.

Conclusion: EGCG is a popular ingredient in many supplements and drinks that may help burn fat but the safest and most cost-efficient way to obtain it is by drinking green tea.

How Much Does it Cost Per Bottle of Nucific BIO X4?

  • $53.95 ($49.00 plus $4.95 S&H) for 1 bottle, a 30-day supply
  • $129 for 3 bottles (90-day supply)
  • $240 for 6 bottles (180-day supply)

BIO X4 is said to come with a 90-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Bottom Line: Is BIO X4 a Good Supplement to Help Me Lose Weight?

BIO X4 seems to contain a lot of ingredients that have potential to help you… at least with diahrrea and digestion. Other than that, there is little evidence it will help you actually lose weight.

BIO X4 is a new product (it was trademarked in June 2015) so we couldn’t find any customer reviews, nor any company information about Nucific.

When it comes to these ingredients, especially probiotics and EGCG, the prevailing medical advice is to only buy from reputable sources, not from unknown companies over the Internet as their purity cannot be guaranteed. A study by found that many products touting green tea extract/EGCG contained very little of the ingredient (although Nucific BIO X4 was not specifically tested).

Alternatives to BIO X4

Although Nucific claims that its capsules have been independently verified for purity by an independent lab, they do not disclose its name. From our experience, we recommend only buying supplements that carry a seal from reputable independent labs right on the label. The oldest and most famous of these is US Pharmacopeia – you can find a list of companies that have the USP label here. Other reputable verification labs include UL and NSF.

If you are interested in probiotics, you could simply eat more yogurt, and to aid with digestion, drink pineapple juice. Five or six cups of green tea a day is also good for the heart and may decrease appetite.

If you are looking to lose weight, we suggest checking out Lose It, a free website/app for smartphones that can help you track daily calorie intake and exercise – less of the former and more of the latter is still the best way to shed pounds.

Let us know your experience with Nucific BIO X4 below!

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