NoZnore is a mouthpiece sold by Avenue Trading ApS that promises it will help you stop snoring and save your relationship. NoZnore insists their device is a comfortable fit that requires no boil-and-bite and will work the first night you try it, and if not they’ll refund your money.

Why am I snoring at night?

We snore because our jaw muscles relax, causing the tongue to fall back and the roof of the mouth to vibrate, making the Zzzz sound that your wife or girlfriend is very familiar with. Older people and those that are overweight are especially prone to snoring. Alcohol, medications, and deformities in the nasal passage can also be factors.

People who snore (especially overweight men over 40) also may have sleep apnea, a dangerous condition where you stop breathing for short periods of time and awake with a gasp. If your partner notices this or you often feel tired during the day, you should talk to your doctor about remedies for sleep apnea as soon as possible.

How does NoZnore say it will prevent me from snoring?

NoZnore is a device that they state is made from high-grade silicone free of BPS, BPA, or latex, which they claim is soft and flexible so it fits almost any mouth. In addition they state the soft feel will eliminate jaw tension while you sleep and even offers some protection against teeth grinding.

NoZnore is what they call a Mandibular Advancement Device that gently puts your lower jaw forward, naturally opening the passageway so you can breathe more clearly and not make that awful sound. They tout one of the benefits of NoZnore is that you don’t need to “boil-and-bite” (meaning boiling it in hot water and biting into it to make an impression while it is soft) as many other store-bought dental appliances recommend.

NoZnore states that their product may help with mild sleep apnea but they recommend talking with your doctor first. While they say their product will work with most snorers, those that snore through their nose may need their NoZnore Night Aid, a nose clip (there was no more information about this product provided).

Can I get my money back if NoZnore doesn’t work?

Yes. NoZnore offers a 30-day money back guarantee (with an option for a 90-day guarantee for £3.00), where they state if you return it to their warehouse they will return all your money back; however you are responsible for the shipment costs to send it back.

NoZnore has only an email contact for customer support, which is Avenue Trading has mailing addresses in Denmark and Sweden.

How much does it cost to buy a NoZnore anti-snoring mouthpiece?

NoZnore advises changing out their snore-stopping mouthpieces every 2 months, especially if you use it every night. Therefore, they sell the following packages:

  • 1 NoZnore HGS-35 is £60.95
  • 2 NoZnore HGS-35 are £121.95
  • 3 NoZnore HGS-35 are also £121.95 (the default option)
  • 6 NoZnore HGS-35 are £182.95

Bottom Line: Is NoZnore a good way to stop my snoring or prevent mild sleep apnea?

Maybe not. We say this because there is very little information about the device itself and no customer reviews we could find. Avenue Trading ApS also sells a very similar device called the Snorestopper, which also has a dearth of reviews.

Generally speaking snoring mouthpieces are not all created equal and sometimes you need to adjust the amount it moves your jaw forward in order for it to work right. We appreciate that they send it to you for free and that if you do decide to return it to them you can get your money back, but if you order from the USA (or one of the other countries around the EU to which it ships) you’ll likely incur shipping and tracking charges to get it back to Denmark or Sweden.

Also, for the price it doesn’t seem very durable. It’s basically £182.95 (about $282 US) per year.

How to stop snoring

There are a few basic tricks you can do to help you lessen or stop some types of snoring. First is the simplest but may be the hardest: lose some weight. Secondly, you should try sleeping on your side (an old trick is to tape tennis balls on the back of your PJs) and avoid a trip to the pub just before bedtime.

If these seem unreasonable, you should first talk to your doctor and make sure you don’t have sleep apnea. They will likely do a sleep study, literally monitoring you as you rest, but then they can prescribe a solution that will help.

The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association has an entire website devoted to diagnosing and treating these problems. They do recommend Somnowell Mandibular Advancement Device, which is custom fit and made from cast chrome cobalt. It’s not cheap, starting at £1100, but considering it has an 8-year warranty it’s an even better deal than NoZnore.

If you’d like to see all the different options for snoring mouthpieces available, we suggest visiting where they have in-depth reviews of a range of devices that are available almost anywhere in the world. Right now, number one rated is the Good Morning Sleep Solution, which sells for about $120 and lasts for 1 year.

So there you have it, a closer look at noZnore as well as alternatives to this anti-snoring device. Let us know what you think about NoZnore if you bought it below!