no!no! ULTRA is a new device from Radiancy which claims to combine a hair removal tool and all the best beauty devices into one product. They tout no!no! ULTRA uses their patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology for painless hair removal but has Dynamic Speed Control and also works with Beauty Tips that offer advanced cleaning and serum application.

What is Thermicon Technology?

Thermicon technology is the fancy name for thermal transfer – or heat transference; when applied to a hair follicle this has been shown to destroy a hair and replace it with a finer follicle over time. This is the concept used by many laser hair removal devices and services, but they insist Thermicon is different from a laser because it uses no light. Instead, no!no! says it a thermodynamic wire in its Tips that lets out a tiny bit of heat they claim does the same thing. 

To use no!no! ULTRA, they instruct you to choose a level of treatment (there are 3) and glide over the area that you want to remove hair from - except the nipples and genitals. Make sure the blue light is steady and you are only going in one direction. They state when no!no! ULTRA touches a follicle it crystallizes the hair and disrupts the root. They claim will cause the hairs to stay in the dormant phase longer, resulting in smoother-looking skin.

Thermicon Technology Studies

Radiancy points to four studies on their main website:

  1. Efficacy Evaluation of Hair Removal Using the no!no! Thermicon Technology - Sustained Use, which had 44 subjects for 13 weeks. They state the mean percentage change in follicles for all patients was 33% less.
  2. Clinical Evaluation of Handheld Self-Treatment Device for Hair Removal which studied 12 of 20 subjects and showed a median of 43.5% less hair for users of the device after 12 weeks.
  3. Thermicon Clinical Evaluation: no!no! Hair Removal System, which studied 6 of 20 patients for 6 months. Their results showed a 40% decrease in hair quality.
  4. no!no! Thermicon: A Novel, Home-based Hair Removal Device talks about several studies, including one that had 13 females and showed 30% reduction at 12 weeks after 12 treatments. One of the other studies cited was incomplete at the time of the writing of the paper and the other did not actually measure hair growth rates.

It should be noted that all the above studies were paid for by Radiancy and involved a very small sampling of people. To learn more about clinical studies and how to read them, check out this article

What is the difference between no!no! PRO and no!no! ULTRA?

Radiancy claims that the no!no! ULTRA has Dynamic Speed Control, which they say allows you to fine-tune the 3 different Treatment levels, depending on your gliding speed. They state while it uses the same Tips as both no!no! PRO and no!no! MICRO, no!no! ULTRA can also incorporate Radiancy’s Beauty Tips, like the UltraClean and MicroMassage (sold separately). These other tips are said to provide deep cleaning as well as invigorate your face so it looks firmer and younger.

How much does no!no! ULTRA cost to remove hair?

no!no! ULTRA sells for $299.94, which includes shipping in the USA.

no!no! ULTRA comes with:

  • no!no! ULTRA
  • 1 #30 Narrow Thermicon Tip
  • 1 #40 Wide Thermicon Tip
  • 1 Buffer
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • Charger

You can add: UltraClean Beauty Tip and MicroMassage Beauty Tip for $49.99 each. 

#30 Narrow Thermicon Refill Tips sell for $25 and #40 Wide Thermicon Refill Tips for $29, which appear to have 2 and 3 Tips respectively.

no!no! ULTRA Refund information

no!no! ULTRA customer service USA: 1.888.525.7580.

no!no! ULTRA comes with a 30-day warranty, which starts on the day you receive it. If you would like to return it for a refund, you must obtain an RMA and return all the parts and packaging.

no!no! ULTRA Warranty

no!no! ULTRA is covered by a one-year warranty for manufacturer defects only.

Bottom Line: Is no!no! ULTRA a great way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair?

No, no. According to the FDA, hair removal products cannot claim painless or permanent hair removal without sufficient evidence. While some products may claim “permanent hair reduction” (meaning less hairs grow back) they too must supply evidence to support these claims. no!no! ULTRA is not an FDA-approved device, and therefore cannot legally make any of these claims.

Customer Reviews of no!no!

While the no!no! ULTRA is relatively new, Radiancy and no!no! have been around since 1998 and their products are sold around the world. In spite of all the hype, reviews by actual users tend to be quite negative. On our website, the no!no! PRO averages just 1 star and consumers complain it’s a “joke” and a “waste of money”. Reviewers at our sister publication Highya give no!no! PRO similar low marks

“This product is a scam! A $300 dollar scam. Shaving is faster and easier. I used it for 45 days and tried returning it and was talked in to using for 60 days, same results! I tried to return it at the 60 day mark but was denied a refund and told it was too late to return product. I am pissed. And I was told I probably was not using it right. Scam,” writes Kimberly Johnson from Orange, CA.

no!no! Class Action Lawsuit

Because of complaints like the above, several law firms are trying to seek enough consumers to form a class action lawsuit, including Aarone Levine & Associates and Khorrami Boucher Sumner Sanguinetti, LLP

These attorneys charge that no!no! (and the company Radiancy) has been deceptively marketing their products as “permanent hair removal” and “as good as lasers” without the supporting proof. They point to a recent study that concluded no!no! was no more effective than shaving. 

They also charge that customers have complained of a defective product that irritates or burns (if it works at all) and that they have a very difficult time getting a refund. If you have bought a no!no! product and feel you should be included in this lawsuit, you may want to call (202) 833-8040.

Conclusion: no!no! ULTRA will likely cause hair loss, but it may be the hair on top of your head, due to the stress from trying to get your money back. 

Let us know your experience with no!no! ULTRA below!

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