No Sweat Socks promise these socks will give your tired dogs (aka “feet”) the comfort they need all year-round. They claim they will stay up without creasing the skin or cutting off circulation which they say makes No Sweat Socks great for diabetics. They add their DryStep fabric will draw moisture away, keeping them dry and fungus-free.

But what are No Sweat Socks made from and, for that matter, how do you choose a sock that’s right for your lifestyle? Let’s find out, shall we?

The No Sweat Socks Pitch

No Sweat Socks are primarily targeting retired people but also those still working a lot on their feet. They show a construction worker and waitress as well as an older couple walking through the park. They compare No Sweat Socks’ benefits to medical anti-moisture support socks, which they state costs almost $50 a pair. They try to impress you with fancy graphics showing moisture being wicked away from the feet as well as inventing words like “softlastic” and calling the material “DryStep.”

How No Sweat Socks Work

No Sweat Socks come in black or white in women’s or men’s and are one-size-fits-all. They state each No Sweat Sock is made from a highly-expandable, breathable fabric that goes on easy and fits snug without being too tight: they credit this in part to the “softlastic” band at the top. However, they do not disclose what materials the socks are actually made from and a call to customer service did not help to elaborate.

To use your No Sweat Socks, put them on your feet before you put on your shoes (otherwise, you’ll look ridiculous and they won’t really work). Then, go about your day, be it treating patients in a hospital or putting around the golf course. They insist the lightweight, DryStep fabric is designed to pull away moisture, preventing fungus, keeping your feet comfy, and making them much less smelly.

No Sweat Socks Cost… WHAT??

$25.90 for 4 pairs of the same color, which translates to a little over $6 each. This is sold to you as $10 for 2 pairs plus $7.95 shipping and another $7.95 tacked on for the second set of “free” socks.

You have 30 days to try No Sweat Socks. Returns are minus shipping and handling so you will end up paying $15.90 for these socks whether you like them or not.

Bottom Line: Are No Sweat Socks a Scam?

No Sweat Socks may go on your feet, but:

  • What are they made from? We’d like to know because believe it or not there’s a big difference between sock materials.
  • Hint: synthetic materials, which these probably are, have good wicking properties but get uncomfortable when hot. All cotton socks should be avoided except for those people who aren’t very active.
  • Padding and thickness are also important considerations when buying socks. Again, there is no information about either.
  • There is no company information, yet their Privacy Policy allows them to solicit you as well as sell your information to other companies that may do the same.
  • You will still be out over $15 if you return them.

We think you should at least be aware of the above information before purchasing No-Sweat Socks. What do you think? Let us know below!