Nina Silk is a hair removal tool sold by Safe TV Shop that claims to be pain-free and easy to use on any part of the body. They state that Nina Silk has a patented crystal silk surface that will gently lift and remove the offending follicles, without any waxing, zapping, or saying “ow.”

How Nina Silk Works

Nina Silk is a handheld tool that is white with a pink base. It appears to be some kind of epilator, grabbing and pulling hairs out from the roots. However, unlike springs or discs used in other devices, they state the “crystal silk” surface of Nina Silk will gently twist the hairs out of your skin painlessly and leave no pore hole. They add your hair will also re-grow slower, saving you thousands in hair removal treatments or products and will never wear out.

Nina Silk Costs:

$20 for 2 Nina Silks and 6 Nina Micros for your delicate areas, which includes free shipping – this is the default. If you decide you only want 1 Nina Silk you need to un-check the box; however, you will only save $2.05 because they charge you $17.95 ($10 plus $7.95 S&H) for one. 

Nina Silk comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, minus S&H (if any). That means if you buy 2 and return within 60 days you will get your $20 back but if you just buy 1, they will keep $7.95 in fees. 

Bottom Line: Is Nina Silk a Scam?

A pain/wax/razor/irritation-free method of removing hair is something many women want, so Nina Silk sounds like a promising product. According to Shape Magazine, the new innovations in epilators that Nina Silk seems to be based on are much less painful to use than the older coil versions. 

Because you are getting the hair from the roots it will grow back more slowly; although Nina Silk makes no specific claims to this, we’d like you to know that it is a myth that epilation reduces the amount of hair that grows back. 

But remember, when you purchase Nina Silk, you are also agreeing to their Privacy Policy that allows them to solicit you for other products and services as well as give this information to third parties. To opt-out you must send an email to: 

And let us know your experience with Nina Silk: did it make your legs smooth and was it easy to use or did it not work or was painful?