New Edge 3 is a windshield wiper blade sharpener that boasts it works on any car, van, or truck on both front and rear wipers. They tout New Edge 3 uses a micro-abrasive silicone grit to hone the blade edge that will eliminate dangerous residue and streaks and is reusable over a hundred times, saving you money on new wiper blades every rainy season.

How Does New Edge 3 Work to Sharpen Windshield Wipers?

New Edge 3 is a flat, clear plastic panel with a stripe across it that is said to contain a tiny abrasive edge that works as the sharper. To use New Edge 3, they instruct you to place it on your windshield on the outside glass in the path of your windshield wiper where the streaks are coming from. Then, turn on your wipers for 2 or 3 passes; they claim the rough silicon surface acts as sandpaper, removing the dull parts of the rubber and sharpening the edge so they work as new. They add you can use New Edge 3 again and again every time your wiper blades get worn and you have trouble seeing where you are going.

What Does New Edge 3 Cost Me to Buy?

New Edge 3 says it is $9.99 plus shipping and handling and if you buy one you get one free. But if you look a little closer at the fine print you’ll see that they charge you $4.99 in P&H for the first one and $4.99 for the second one for a total of $9.98 making the total $19.97 for 2 New Edge 3s.

New Edge 3 Money Back Guarantee

New Edge 3 comes with a standard 30-day money back guarantee, but this only covers the initial $9.99, not the $9.98 in fees; in addition, you will have to pay to send New Edge 3 back.

Bottom Line: Is New Edge 3 a Good Way to Sharpen My Wiper Blades?

We couldn’t find any customer reviews of New Edge 3 as the product is still very new. Replacing windshield wiper blades can be a pain because there are so many brands and models to choose from. In newer cars you often have to replace the whole windshield wiper frame, so installation can sometimes be tricky so that’s why products like New Edge 3 can seem tempting.

But as we mentioned above, if you buy New Edge 3 online or over the phone the shipping fees are as expensive as the product itself. This is a Red Flag for us at Bright Reviews because it means they will make money whether the product works or not even if you return it.

If you are interested in New Edge 3 wiper sharpeners, we strongly suggest waiting until you see it at your local retail outlet that has an “As Seen On TV” aisle. The secret is, most of the best of these products are sold in person at stores, rather than over the telephone or web. This will save you hidden fees, and if it’s a piece of crap you can return it without having to hassle with lousy customer service.

Alternatives to New Edge 3

New Edge 3 is unique, but not completely novel when it comes to the concept of wiper sharpening tools. We found one called Wiper Wizard which works by sliding across the wiper blade but gets only 2 stars on

But it does seem that “sharpening” your existing wiper blades will actually work; one commenter on an article entitled what you need to know about windshield wipers reminisced as to how he bought a sharpening tool with a V-shaped groove for 10 cents and it made his blades last up to 3 times longer. He postulated you could have a similar effect using ordinary sandpaper.

Simply put: you may be able to sharpen your wiper blades with a sharpening tool like New Edge 3, but because of the excessive shipping fees we suggest trying to sharpen them with a piece of sandpaper first.

Fun Fact: The first windshield wiper blade was invented by Mary Anderson, who patented it in 1903. She tried to sell her idea to automobile makers but they weren’t interested. Mary put the idea in a drawer and the patent eventually expired before becoming a standard feature.

Let us know what you think of New Edge 3 below!

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