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Trial period not long enough

Sep 6, 2015 | | Jersey City, NJ

I personally don't like a 2 week trials because they just aren't long enough to see results on my skin so they lose a star for that. Sorry! Other than that after about 36 days (after I was charged a total of over 100 dollars for both products), I noticed very light (but obvious) reduction in the wrinkles I have around my mouth, chin area and neck. I thought that it helps that my complexion is similar to the color of the cream so maybe it's acting as a light foundation. However, I know it's real improvement because when I wash off the cream my wrinkles don't all of a sudden reappear as significant as they were before. It is not a fountain of youth, but it goes above and beyond a regular moisturizer.

Another thing that annoys me is that the cream has so many ingredients including ones they don't mention in their ads. How do I know which one is working?

I did the trial

Sep 1, 2015 | | Riverhead, NY

I did their trial, and it's not 30 days but it's 14 days. They offered me an extension to 45 days, when I asked about it. I paid over $100 after my trial. I think it's a good cream, but it's a little on the strong side. I had tingling feelings at first and I was worried about developing hives, then after the first day I had no tingling. This worked slightly on my dark spots. I would warn others from my experience to not to use near the eyes. I complained that it made my eyes a little watery and they sent me out a free eye cream with no commitment or charge attached. This one worked better, fading the dark circles I've always been told are hereditary.

It was worth a try.

Aug 29, 2015 | | Bedford, NY

I knew they would charge me after the trial, and I was totally ok with that. I saw the terms and read the reviews. I even called them and they tell me that they will charge me unless canceled prior. I signed up to look for an alternative to my La Mer night cream, Neutratone actually met my expectations well. It's a good product, and it's got super fancy packaging. In my experience the good creams never cost only five dollars. If you're looking for a "free" product you better cancel before your trial ends or look elsewhere.

Scam, do not buy!

Aug 24, 2015 | | Boise, ID

Their free trial is a total scam. They charged full price shortly after sending the product.

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