Neutratone is sold as an anti-aging cream that instantly renews and restores skin whether you’re in your 30s or your 50s. They boast it contains 6 of the most effective ingredients to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, restore youthful skin, hydrate, and prevent future damage.

How Neutratone Works

Neutratone lists its main ingredients (and alleged benefits) as Matryxl 3000 (restores collagen), sodium hyaluronate (moisturizes skin), Coenzyme Q10 (fights cell damage), Swiss apple stem cells (reduce fine lines), Retinol (promotes skin growth), Vitamins A, E, and C (fights free radicals). 

To use Neutratone, they instruct you to dab around your face anywhere you would like to get rid of wrinkles or boost collagen. They claim you will have dramatically different skin in just days (how many days they don’t specify).

Neutratone Costs:

To tempt you to try Neutratone they offer a 30-day trial of $2.99 in shipping. However a closer look at the fine print reveals they ship you (2) 1.7 oz. jars of Neutratone. If you do not cancel within 30 days from receipt, they will charge you $98.95 for the second jar and enroll you in an auto-ship program, sending you 2 jars every 60 days and billing you $94.90. 

Neutratone comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping and what it costs you to send it back. 

Bottom Line: Will Neutratone Rejuvenate My Aging Skin?

Like many anti-aging creams, Neutratone makes a lot of dramatic promises about restoring youthful skin, with very little scientific evidence to back up their claims. For example, while Swiss apple stem cells have a lot of hype (even First Lady Michelle Obama is said to swear by it), we could only find evidence of one study that seemed to show it helped reduce crow’s feet. It should be noted that this was conducted with only 20 people and after 4 weeks it showed an average 15% reduction. From this one study, a media frenzy has ensued. 

Another touted ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is a naturally occurring compound in our body and is used for lip filler in plastic surgery, but according to WebMD there is no evidence taking it or rubbing on your skin will prevent changes associated with aging.

We’ll cut to the chase and tell you the only ingredient that does seem to have some evidence showing it reduces wrinkles: retinol. Retin-A, the prescription strength version, has been shown to reduce acne and restore skin texture of wrinkled skin. However, retinol is at a lower strength and its anti-aging benefits are not as clear

It’s also not clear how much of any of these ingredients Neutratone contains and because the cosmetic industry is essentially unregulated, you cannot be entirely sure what you are getting. 

Also like many beauty companies that offer a “free trial” to get your credit card number and contact info, Neutratone sneakily signs you up for bi-monthly shipments of their products. 

On top of that, their Privacy Policy allows them to solicit you via email, snail mail, or telephone with other offers and they can give this information to third parties to do the same. 

So what should you do? If you’re still intrigued by the possibility of Neutratone, we suggest you do not buy from their website – it’s also available at Amazon and other online retailers. Sure, you won’t get the “free” trial but you also won’t have to deal will all the other hassles associated with their auto-ship and privacy policy.

Then use Neutratone and keep your expectations low. Generally speaking, these products may work, but don’t expect for your wrinkles to be completely gone, especially if you are older. Sorry, but they still haven’t found the Fountain of Youth.

Finally, evaluate yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself if Neturatone’s cost is worth the results, if any.

And let us know your experience with Neutratone below!