NeuroLuma is a brain supplement (sometimes called a nootropic) that says it improves energy levels, as well as increase both short and long term memory and concentration. They state if you take NeuroLuma once a day, you’ll stop forgetting where you put your keys, reverse cognitive decline, and boost your smarts.

What is a Nootropic and Do They Work?

A nootropic is essentially a fancy way of saying “smart drug” (the word comes from Greek, meaning “mind bend”). The term was coined by Corneliu E. Giurgea, a scientist who was trying to create a synthetic version of GABA, a chemical in our brains thought to interact with our nervous system. He failed, but he did create Piracetam, which has been shown to help with brain function for people suffering from Alzheimer’s, alcoholism, elderly drivers, children with dyslexia, and Parkinson’s disease. 

But because we don’t understand how the brain works or stores memory and we don’t understand how nootropics like Piracetam work, evidence is still unclear if they have any effect on a non-impaired brain. In spite of many studies, most of these are small scale with inconclusive results. “There is no current evidence provided by rigorous double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials that any of these substances can improve memory in the aging brain,” said Dr. Sid Gilman professor of neurology at the University of Michigan in a story about memory supplements for ABC News

What is in NeuroLuma

They don’t specifically list the ingredients of NeuroLuma, but they point to several links at the bottom of the page as supporting evidence for their claims. From these studies, we conclude NeuroLuma contains:

Arecholine: Choline is a chemical that naturally occurs in the body similar to vitamin B and is the precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. They point to a study that showed it has helped people with learning impairment. WebMD notes it is likely effective for liver function, but claims there is insufficient evidence it helps with mental performance. There are very few side effects from taking arecholine, although a small study indicated that women who take it may be more susceptible to colon cancer.

The second study they point to seems to show an increase in dietary choline intake helped normal adults with cognitive function. The study was conducted with 1391 people without dementia over a 4-year period. However it should be noted that the choline was not taken in supplement form.

DMAE Bitartrate: Some research indicates that DMAE increases acetylcholine and can be found naturally in anchovies and sardines. However, it’s listed on WebMD as likely ineffective for Alzheimer’s and insufficient evidence for mood or memory enhancement. Side effects of DMAE can include: headache, drowsiness, insomnia, vivid dreams, confusion, depression, or increased blood pressure. 

Bacopa Monneri: A very popular nootropic ingredient that does show promise. They link to a review of Bacopa studies by a neuroscientist at Pitzer College who noted that it had immense potential but it was “critical” more studies be conducted as to its long term use. Side effects of taking Bacopa include: increased bowel movements, nausea, cramps, dry mouth, and fatigue. Bacopa should be avoided if you have a thyroid condition or take thyroid medications.

GABA: An amino acid found in the brain that taken as a supplement has been shown in some studies to improve mood and decrease anxiety; however, WebMD notes that more evidence is needed to show it really works to treat these conditions.  

Conclusion: Some of the listed ingredients do have a small amount of evidence as to their effectiveness in helping with memory. Specific studies of NeuroLuma have not been conducted and there could be side effects in some people due to some of its ingredients. 

What is NeuroLuma Charging for their Product?

  • $149.85 for 5 bottles (this is the default option)
  • $119.91 for 3 bottles
  • $49.95 for 1 bottle 

Free shipping is included on all orders. 

Note: the Terms and Conditions mention an optional auto-ship program but we could find no information on the order page one way or the other. If you are automatically enrolled, you will be sent/billed every 90, 60, or 30 days according to your original order. 

NeuroLuma Refunds

For a refund you must call 877-673-2094 Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm PST with 14 days of your order and all purchases are final after 30 days. In order to get a refund you must return all bottles with a “substantial” amount of supplements left or your request will not be honored.

Bottom Line: Is it a Smart Idea to Buy NeuroLoma?

NeuroLoma appears to include ingredients that have shown some level of effectiveness in helping with brain function, there are some things we’d like to point out.

First, there has been no test on NeuroLoma itself. As psychiatrist Emily Deans, M.D. pointed out in a Men’s Health article on nootropics: “While supplement companies often have an impressive list of references for their products, those references are usually rodent studies of the individual ingredients, not human trials of the product.”

An investigation of smart drugs by the BBC has concluded that in spite of “decades of study, a full picture has yet to emerge of the cognitive effects” of nootropics. Some feel that because they are a supplement that can’t be patented, it is too expensive for a company to do large-scale trials to prove they work. (Supplements require no proof of effectiveness and are considered safe so long as they state they are not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease.)

Here’s another thing to consider: how do you know what they say on the label is really in the bottle? Quite frankly, you don’t. Again, because they are not regulated like a prescription drug, you have to take the manufacturer’s word.

Remember, they also may be signing you up for an auto-ship program without your knowledge, which could be difficult to cancel. 

Alternative Ideas to NeuroLoma

Generally speaking, we are against buying any supplements online as many of these companies change names or products quickly, making refunds difficult if not impossible if you are billed incorrectly or the product doesn’t work.

We recommend only purchasing supplements that have the US Pharmacopeia (USP) Seal; they are a non-profit organization that independently tests ingredient levels of products. Unfortunately only 1% of supplements carry this seal. You can find a list of them here

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The easiest, simplest way to boost memory is to get more exercise and do mental activities like reading or crossword puzzles. Sorry it doesn’t sound as amazing or easy as taking a pill and waking up smarter, but it works

Let us know your experience with NeuroLoma below!