Neuracel is a supplement from SuccessEtc that promises it’s an all-natural solution to nerve pain, without side effects or the need for an expensive prescription. They state if you take it daily, Neuracel will get rid of stiffness, tingliness, or discomfort in your legs or joints caused by nerve pain and that there are thousands of success stories from people who have experienced the Neuracel difference.

The Neuracel Pitch

The Neuracel website home page is extremely long, filled with alleged testimonials and benefits of this product; the order button isn’t even available until almost the bottom of the page. This is because it has been shown through lots of market testing that longer pages not only do better in search engines, but also help “convert” (meaning make you buy) by slowly engaging you and drawing you in. This is especially true with more expensive products (like Neuracel).

Neuracel claims to be “doctor trusted” and has a testimonial from Dr. Walter Mellgren Jr. who says he takes it daily and recommends it to his patients; however a search for Dr. Mellgren found a chiropractor by the same name, not a medical doctor. 

How Neuracel Works

In the middle of their lengthy pitch, Neuracel lists 5 “miracle” ingredients: California Poppy, Passion Flower, Lobelia, Prickly Ash Bark, and Coridalis Yanhusuo; however, they don’t specifically show the product’s label or disclose the exact concentrations of each. It should also be noted that WebMD says there is insufficient evidence that any of these ingredients can help with nerve pain. 

The Neuracel website claims that it is important to take this supplement daily, and insist you will be pain-free by the end of the first month.

What is Nerve Pain?

Our bodies are literally covered with nerve endings, and while pain (obviously) hurts, it is a signal to the brain that can sometimes prevent greater injury. However, as WebMD notes, unexplained nerve pain affects 2% of the population and can be caused by a variety of factors, including diabetes, cancer, stress, and even vitamin deficiencies. In short, because there are a wide variety of causes and symptoms, dealing with this problem can be difficult.

Some solutions include topical treatments, anticonvulsants, and even some antidepressants have been shown to help. Other alternative treatments include massage, acupuncture, or meditation. Diet and exercise can also help reduce symptoms. Bottom line: if you are experiencing nerve pain, talk to your doctor and see what they suggest.

Neuracel Costs:

$76.90 for a 30-day supply ($69.95 plus $6.95 S&H), $142.90 ($129.95 plus $12.95 S&H) for 3 bottles, or $164.90 ($149.95 plus $14.95 S&H) for 4 bottles.

However, if you decide to leave the website before completing your order, you will be given a chance to “qualify” for a free 14-day trial. If you take this offer, you will be given a 2-week supply for $6.95. After 14 days from order (not receipt) you will be enrolled in an auto-ship program, billed $49.95 plus $6.95 and sent a bottle of Neuracel every month until you cancel. 

Neuracel also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus S&H; it should also be noted that this is 30 days from purchase, not delivery. Customer care number is listed as: 888-250-4863.

Bottom Line: Is Neuracel a Scam?

Neuracel does stay within the laws regarding supplements, noting that their product is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment and that the case studies are exceptional results. But all this info can only be found if you click on their Terms & Services page. 

There is also an earnings disclaimer page stating that there are no guarantees you will earn any money from selling their product, should you decide to do so. (This may be why there are so many affiliates and testimonials for Neuracel.)

But let’s get to the nitty-gritty: actual, verifiable customer reviews. In that department, Neuracel does not fare very well. On, Neuracel averages just 2.5 stars from 89 customer reviews. Some one-star reviewers question the legitimacy of the 5-starrers, noting that many of them do not have the “verified purchase” seal and/or sounding fake.

If you are having nerve pain, you may want to read Home Remedies for Nerve Pain (WebMD).

Let us know your experience with Neuracel below, did it help with your nerve pain or was it a PAIN to get your money back?