Neuology Syn Ake is a skin cream that claims to help you achieve visibly younger looking skin. They insist Neuology Syn Ake will brighten, restore, and smooth your skin as well as give it more firmness. But, from the looks of it, Neuology is selling Syn Ake OIL – read why below.

The Neuology “Syn Ake” pitch is based on another product

Neuology Syn Ake is counting on the possible name recognition of 2 different companies and the fact that you may be too much in a hurry to buy their product to notice.

You should know that Syn Ake appears to be completely different from an ingredient called Syn® -Ake made by a Swedish company named Pentapharm. While they do sell this formula to other skin care companies, Neuology Sny Ake does not appear to be one of them. Why do we say this? Because for one thing Syn® -Ake is a Registered Trademark (that’s what that little “R”) represents. Basically, when you see that ®, you know you are getting the official formula and not a knock-off. Not only is there not an ® but Syn Ake is also spelled Sny Ake in various places on the website.

Would an officially endorsed company misspell the name of its own product?

Syn® -Ake is a synthetic reproduction of proteins in the Temple Venom Viper snake. When you use Syn-Ake, they claim you are temporarily paralyzing your face as if you were bitten by a snake minus the poison and pain; their theory is this will make wrinkles less apparent. However, according to LiveStrong, there is worry Syn® -Ake itself can cause general muscle weakness and clinical studies showed it only achieved a 52% wrinkle reduction on faces after 28 days of use.

They also may be hoping you equate their name Neuology with Neurtrogena. Their logos are also very similar.

Neutrogena is of course an internationally recognized company that sells many popular beauty products. Neuology… not so much.

Conclusion: Neuology Sny Ake is hoping you are thinking it’s Neutrogena Syn®-Ake

The Next Part of the Neuology Sny Ake Trap: The Exclusive Trial Offer!

If you are excited to try Neuology Sny Ake and put your name, address, and phone number into the form (which they’ll keep on file regardless of whether you buy anything or not), they’ll take you to a page that claims to give you an “Exclusive Trial Offer!”

They pile on added pressure with a countdown clock and by telling you supplies are low. In reality, there is likely plenty of Neuology Sny Ake on hand, and the clock resets if you refresh the page.

Speaking of refreshing the page, every time you do it, you’ll eventually lower the cost of this trial offer from $4.95 shipping to free shipping for a 30 ml/30-day supply of Neuology Sny Ake anti-aging cream.

The Fine Print of the Neuology Syn Ake Offer

In reality, it doesn’t really matter what you pay up front – that’s obviously not how Neuology is making their money. As they say, “The Devil is in the details”:

  • You have 14 days from the date you ordered Neuology Syn Ake to try it.
  • After these 14 days has passed, unless you contact customer service, you will be billed $92.53 for the product you already received.
  • 30 days after your initial order, you will be sent another jar of Neuology Syn Ake and charged $92.53 plus $5.95 shipping.

Since there is no guarantee when Neuology Syn Ake will arrive in the mail, your trial period is very likely shorter than you thought. This will cause you to miss the return deadline for your money back.

Neuology Syn Ake Negative Option Claus and Refund Info

Neuology Syn Ake also has a Negative Option Claus (which you can learn more about here), which means you may potentially be liable for more money. They can pull it from your bank account if the product has already shipped by the time you call them.

In addition, multiple orders are not refundable and they may refuse your refund if they feel it is in “bad faith.”

Neuology Syn Ake customer service number: 888 989-7434

Another Red Flag: Multiple Fake Affiliate Reviews

If you type “neuology syn ake” into Google you will find the results clogged with sites that allegedly provide the “Shocking Truth” or warn you “Do Not Buy This Product Unless You Read the Review First!”

The real (not so shocking truth) is that these sights are designed to look unbiased but are in fact either run by Neuology or receive a nice commission from every visitor they refer. This is not illegal so long as they alert you of the arrangement, but they usually put this info either in tiny print or bury it somewhere – in the case of the top ranking listing, they put it at the very bottom of a LOOONG page:

Neurology Sny Ake disclaimer

More about fake affiliates and how to spot them can be found in this article.

Bottom Line: Neurology Sny Ake is an unproven anti-aging cosmetic trying to deceive you into signing up for an auto-ship

Let’s go over our evidence again, shall we?

  • The product contains no Syn® -Ake.
  • They keep changing the name between Syn Ake and Sny Ake.
  • It is not sold by Neutrogena.
  • The 14-day trial will expire without you realizing it.
  • You may be on the hook for at least $92.53 if not more.
  • The phony affiliate sites hog up the search engine listings.

Now that you know all this information, aren’t you glad you clicked on this link?

Let us know your experience with Neurology Syn Ake below. How long did it take to arrive? Did they give you your money back? Is it worth the price?