Nectar7 Niagen is a nutritional supplement (specifically, a NAD+ activator) that can boost your health, increase your mental energy and cognition—even reverse aging at the cellular level. In fact, Nectar 7 claims to be the only commercially available supplement of its kind that can give you the “power of life.”

This means you’ll be able to live life to the fullest, do what you enjoy doing, and spend time with your loved ones. And with Nectar7’s Niagen and Collagen formulation, you can help your skin look better, too!

Gosh, Nectar7 sounds like some kind of super pill! But you know what? The reality is that it just might be! But before you get too excited, we need to explain exactly what we mean by this. And to do that, we’re going to have to quickly talk science.

Nectar7 Niagen: The Stuff of Hope, Or Plain Ol’ Hype?

Don’t worry; we’re not going to bore you to tears here. But in order to know whether or not Nectar7 is right for you, there are some basic concepts you should understand:

Nicotinamide riboside (NR). This is a type of vitamin B3. On its own it doesn’t do much, but once it enters your body, it turns into another chemical called…

NAD+, which helps increase energy production within your cells. It also helps your cells better communicate with each other.

Now, keep in mind that NAD+ isn’t some new chemical that we just found out about yesterday. Nope. The scientific community has actually been studying it since 1953, but it wasn’t until recently that these benefits came to light.

At this point, you might be asking yourself: “What does this have to do with Nectar7 and Niagen?” So let’s answer that question.

The NAD+, Niagen, & Nectar7 Connection

Because science has been studying NAD+ or using it for different purposes for so long, there’s a decent demand for it. And to meet this demand, the chemical is usually made through a lengthy 8-step process involving another chemical called tryptophan. Until recently, that is.

Because nicotinamide riboside can create NAD+ in just 2 steps, it makes the process much more efficient. But here’s the catch: The only commercially available source of NR is through a company named ChromaDex. And what did they name their NR ingredient? Niagen.

Now, here’s another catch: ChromaDex doesn’t actually sell Niagen as a supplement. Instead, they license the ingredient out to other companies who repackage Niagen and sell it under their own brands. Which is why you’ll also find it through several different supplements companies, such as HPN, Best Energy, and Live Cell Research.

In the case of Best Energy, as well as Nectar7’s Collagen supplement, you see that these companies have added Niagen to a proprietary blend of other ingredients to provide their own unique formulation.

No matter which other ingredients you find it with, or which company you buy from, does Niagen even work? Let’s see if there’s any evidence to support these very, very big claims.

Where’s the Beef? The Clinical Evidence Behind Niagen

First up, know that there’s no clinical evidence supporting the Nectar7 supplement itself. This is important, because it’s easy to believe that their website claims otherwise.

Second, recognize that the clinical evidence supporting Niagen’s benefits is mixed. Yes, there are some big implications that will be exciting to explore in the upcoming years, but nearly all research has been conducted only in Petri dishes—not on humans.

In fact, any studies that have been conducted on humans have failed to show any clear benefits for NR or Niagen.

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Still thinking about giving Nectar7 a shot? Find out how much it costs first.

Can You Squeeze Nectar7 Into Your Budget?

Nectar7’s price ranges between about $35 and $47 per bottle, depending on how many you purchase at one time, as well as which of the two formulations (Regular or Collagen) you choose.

The company does provide a 30-day money back guarantee, but it’s only valid if you didn’t open the bottle. Opened it already? Then you own it.

Bottom Line: Is Nectar7 the Nectar Of Life?

Yeah, there seems to be some huge potential for the health benefits related to NAD+, but only time (and many more peer-reviewed clinical studies) will tell. In the mean time, does this mean you should give Nectar7 a go?

Remember above how we discussed that Niagen is Niagen? In other words, regardless of the supplement you find it in, it’s the exact same ingredient from a single manufacturer. The point? The Niagen in Nectar7 is the same thing you’ll find anywhere else.

And although their price seems fair, you’ll basically be buying from a largely unknown manufacturer with a small online presence, and with zero online customer reviews.

With that alone, we might think you’d be better off chatting with your doctor before buying Niagen, whether from Nectar7 or anyone else.

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