Neater Scooper is a cat litter cleaning system that the manufacturers claim makes this unpleasant job easy by combining the scoop with a receptacle that holds a plastic bag. Neater Scooper comes with 15 scented bags and they promise you can use Neater Scooper with one hand and you’ll never have to touch a soiled bag of cat poop again.

How Neater Scooper Works

Neater Scooper is essentially three items in one: the scoop, the container (with trap door), and the bag. To use it, they state you simply scoop up the cat poop and the litter sifts through the grate; next tilt Neater Scooper up and the waste will fall through the door and into the open bag. Remove the scooper, close up then pull out the bag and toss in the trash.

Neater Scooper is said to hold 15 bags at a time. Each time you use it, pull another bag out from the base and line the container. Then, they say you can store Neater Scooper with the removable scoop up or down; next time it’s time to clean kitty’s litter box you’ll be armed and ready!

Neater Scooper Costs:

$27.98 for one Neater Scooper. You have the option to order a second Neater Scooper for “free” but they will charge you an additional $7.99 in fees making the total $35.97 for 2. It should be noted that the default order is 2, so if you do only want one you must check the “No, I do not want the BOGO deal” box.

At the time of your order, you can purchase 90 additional bags for $9.99 which includes shipping; you can also do this at any time on the website.

If you don’t find it to be “the cat’s meow,” you can return Neater Scooper within 30 days and you’ll get your $19.99 back but they won’t return any of the other added fees.

Bottom Line: Is Neater Scooper a Scam?

Cleaning a cat’s litter box is never a pleasant chore and Neater Scooper appears to be designed to lessen the burden. But there are a few things we’d like to point out.

First, ask yourself “is there any added benefit combining the scoop with a bag?” If you have a litter box already, you probably have a similar scoop with a grating that will sift out the litter. You probably have a garbage bag in which to place kitty’s poop. The only thing you’re missing, then, is the trap door.

Next, notice Neater Scooper’s Privacy Policy page gives them permission to solicit you on the telephone, email, or regular mail with other products or services. In addition, “from time to time” they say they will give this information to “reputable” third parties. (You may opt out of these by sending emails or filling out an unsubscribe form.)

If you do decide Neater Scooper is “purrfect” for your cat’s litter box, we recommend:

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