Navage Nasal Cleaner is a handheld device that claims to irrigate your nose with salt water by gently sucking instead of blowing. The company promises there is less mess and yuck-factor with the Navage Nose Cleaner as the salt is pre-measured and the device fits snugly against your schnozz. 

How Navage Nose Cleaner Works

Navage Nose Cleaner is a self-contained cleaning machine, meaning it has a water tank, pump, and discharge area; it runs on AA batteries, which are included. They state you must use Navage SaltPods with the device, which contain a purer form of salt than you find in your shaker at home.

To use it, fill with water and SaltPod and put your nose in the holder. Then turn it on, and instead of pushing saltwater through your nostrils, it instead uses suction to pull it through and out, emptying in the upper receptacle.

Navage Nose Cleaner Cost:

$59.99 plus shipping, which varies according to method used and delivery speed (we were told by customer service the minimum is around $12). Navage Nose Cleaner comes with 30 SaltPods and more can be ordered separately.

Navage Nose Cleaner is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping, and a one-year limited warranty. Navage notes that the Nose Cleaner is not dishwasher safe and doing so voids the warranty. 

Bottom Line: Is Navage Nose Cleaner a Good Idea?

Irrigating the nose with a saline solution has been scientifically proven to provide relief to people suffering with allergies or colds, but that’s probably not a big surprise. The most common and popular device is a neti pot, which is like a teapot for the nose and comes from Eastern Medicine. A neti pot is relatively inexpensive, but pushes salt water through and can be messy when coming out the other side if you’re not standing over the sink. 

Navage Nose Cleaner is said to have been invented by someone who suffered from allergies and realized that by having something that used a tiny bit of suction to one nostril, the whole mucus-removing process could be a heck of a lot less disgusting.

Navage Nose Cleaner does appear to be a relief to people who need to regularly irrigate; consumer reviews are generally positive for its clean, easy use. Remember, it only works with its own SaltPods and don’t put it in the dishwasher!

Let us know your experience with Navage Nose Cleaner below.