Natto5 is a supplement that promises it will maximize your human growth hormone levels, resulting in increased muscle mass, massive amounts of stamina, long lasting endurance, and a huge libido, turning you into a “beast in the bedroom”. They state if you take 1 capsule of Natto5 in the morning and evening along with a daily workout, you will get ripped more quickly, transforming your body and life.

What’s in Natto5 that will get me all pumped up?

Well, first we should say what is NOT in Natto5. In spite of how they make it sound, there is no Human Growth Hormone or HGH in Natto5. HGH is a synthetic drug that is usually injected in the body and prescribed for growth irregularities, but oft prescribed off-label for increasing energy and stamina, but its effects are unproven. Side effects of HGH include nerve, muscle, or joint pain, numbness, and it can increase the risk of tumors.

Instead, Natto5 says it contains all natural and organic ingredients including:

Vitamin B6
Also known as pyridoxine, this vitamin is involved in making serotonin in our brains. While a deficiency in vitamin B6 can cause a host of problems with our nervous or circulatory system, according to the Mayo Clinic further study is needed to see if it may help prevent blood clots (one of the claims of Natto5).

Tribulus Terrestris
This spiny plant is sometimes called the Devil’s Eyelashes and has been used as a libido enhancer for centuries in folk medicine. However, in spite of what Natto5 says, WebMD states there is insufficient evidence it helps with erectile dysfunction (ED), is possibly ineffective for enhancing athletic performance and its long term safety is not known.

L-Arginine Hydrochloride
An amino acid important for making protein in our body and does show some evidence it can help with ED if 5 grams are taken daily. (It is unknown how much L-Arginine is in Natto5.) There is mixed evidence that taking 6 grams or more can help improve athletic performance.

​This is an essential amino acid we must get through our diet or via supplements. While there is some evidence it helps maintain muscle mass and helps with weight loss, these studies have been conducted on animals, not humans.

Conclusion: There is limited evidence any ingredient in Natto5 will improve stamina and muscle mass, although if there’s enough L-Arginine it may help you get a boner.

How much will it cost me to try Natto5 performance supplement?

Natto5 claims it will let you try a bottle of their muscle-building supplement for just $4.95 shipping. However, the details of this agreement are hidden in the terms and conditions, which state: 

  • 15 days after you ordered Natto5, you will be charged $79.95 for the bottle as well as enrolled in an auto-ship program.
  • You will be sent another bottle of Natto5 every 30 days after that and charged $79.95 plus $4.95 shipping.
  • If you want to avoid being charged, you need to call Natto5 customer service at 800-304-0480 before those 15 days is up.
  • Opened bottles are not eligible for a refund.
  • You will have to pay a $10 restocking fee.
  • The terms contain a Negative Option Clause, which says you may be liable for a payment of $139.97 plus $9.97 shipping if you fail to notify them.

In other words, since there is no guarantee when the bottle arrives, you will likely miss the 15-day window before you realize it and be on the hook for at least $79.95 and possibly more.

Bottom Line: Is Natto5 a good way for to build muscle and get my mojo back?

No! Why are we so certain about this proclamation? Well, as we outlined above, they will gouge you for $79.95 before you’ve even had a chance to try it. Since they say it takes at least 2 months to see any results, this trial period is essentially meaningless, anyways.

In addition we point to the Federal Trade Commission’s warning about products that claim to boost HGH. “FTC staff has seen no reliable evidence to support the claim that these ‘wannabe’ products have the same effect as prescription HGH,” it says and adds” “products that claim some connection to HGH that are available without a prescription at the corner drug store, online, or through a telemarketer are long on promises and short on proof…”

If you are having ED and are interested in taking L-Arginine, you should talk to your healthcare provider first for their professional opinion. Generally speaking we only recommend purchasing supplements that carry the US Pharmacopeia (USP) Seal, which certifies that the ingredients listed on the label are actually what’s in the bottle. To learn more about why we love USP so much, click here.

We’d also like to remind you that unfortunately there is no Fountain of Youth and products that promise to turn back the hands of time are likely just after your wallet. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to build more muscle and/or have more stamina in the bedroom there are more effective ways of doing this than taking a pill. The most effective things are still: diet and exercise.

Sometimes you also need to have a little talk with your partner about your sex life, which can often help rekindle any lost romance. Learn more about how to do it here.

Let us know your experience with Natto5 below!