NanoBlast is a cleaning and sanitizing product that promises to not only get surfaces clean but keep them clean and germ-free for 5 days after it has dried. This is because NanoBlast states it leaves a sanitary coating on both hard and soft surfaces that repels stains and kills microorganisms, saving you both time and money.

What’s in NanoBlast Cleaner and Sanitizer that they claim protects surfaces from germs?

NanoBlast doesn’t specifically disclose its cleaning formula, except to say that it’s water based and contains no harsh chemicals or fragrances; they add it’s free from alcohol, PDCBs, Aldehydes and Phenols.  What they claim makes it so special in getting rid of yucky stuff on surfaces better than other cleaner/sanitizers is that afterwards it leaves a tiny layer that is 1/500th the width of a human hair. This nano-layer is said to repel dirt as well as kill germs.

To use NanoBlast, they instruct you to start with a clean, dry surface. Next, spray on the surface and leave on for 10 minutes. If you’re spraying on a hard surface for the first time, they tell you to use their microfiber cloth in a crisscross pattern to make sure it gets in all the nooks and crannies. After it’s dry, they boast NanoBlast Cleaner and Santizer will continue to work for five days but as you add more layers, the better protection it provides. Complete instructions can be found here.

How much do they charge for NanoBlast Cleaner and Sanitizer and is there any guarantee that it works?

NanoBlast sells its basic cleaning product, a 250 ml bottle of Cleaner and Santizer for $19.99 plus $7.95 shipping and handling for a total of $27.94. If you would like another 250 ml bottle as well as a microfiber cloth applicator, at checkout you can have them both for another $8.95 in shipping/handling fees.

During your purchase, NanoBlast has an upsell for a different product called NanoBlast Hard and Soft Surface Repellants, which they sell for $29.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling for a 124 ml bottle.

They also try and sell you a 946 ml bottle NanoBlast Cleaner and Sanitizer for $24.99 plus $4.95 shipping or a travel kit, which contains a 90 ml bottle as well as a hand sanitizer for $19.99 plus $4.95 shipping.

NanoBlast Cleaner says there is a 60-day empty bottle money back guarantee for all their products but this is minus any shipping and handling fees they charged you and what it costs to send them back.

NanoBlast Customer Service Number: 844-296-6616.

Bottom Line: Is NanoBlast Cleaner a great way to kill microbes and keep surfaces clean for a long time?

Maybe. But there are a few things you should know about combination cleaning and disinfecting products like NanoBlast.

First, you have to follow all the instructions and let the product sit for 10 minutes. Disinfectants do work but they take time, and if you wipe it away too quickly it won’t be effective.

Second, not every surface of your home needs to be disinfected. The kitchen and bathroom are the primary places you want germ-free, especially if someone is sick. You should regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds with cold water and skip the antibacterial soap.

With that in mind, we’d also like to point to the fact that NanoBlast seems to have numerous upsells and added-on shipping fees that can quickly more than double the $19.95 you initially intended to spend.

Therefore, we suggest instead of buying any NanoBlast product online through their website is to keep an eye out for NanoBlast at your Target, Walgreens, Bed Bath Beyond, or other retail outlet that sells these types of “As Seen On TV” products. This way you won’t have to deal with long shipping times and excess fees. Then if it’s a crappy product you can return more easily and get your money back.

In the meantime you can read Good Housekeeping’s Do It All Cleaning Guide.

Let us know your experience with NanoBlast – did it keep your surfaces clean and germ free for five days or was it JUNK?