Naked Nails is a tool that promises to turn your ordinary dull nails into shiny beautiful ones in seconds. Naked Nails insists that the 2-step process is easy and will last at least as long as an expensive manicure done in a salon.

How does Naked Nails work to make my nails sparkle?

Naked Nails is a small cordless handheld buffing tool that takes 2 AA batteries (which are not included) and uses both a smooth roller and a shine roller. To use Naked Nails, they tell you to first use the smooth roller to buff out ridges and imperfections. Next, switch to the high shine roller, which they claim glides effortlessly over the surface and will instantly give your nails a glossy luster.

Naked Nails touts its micro buffer technology that buffs nails over 30 times per second.  They boast Naked Nails will make your nails look beautiful and shiny without any nail polish or color that will last for weeks and add it’s great for pedicures too!

Naked Nails suggests only using their product every other week, and state that each roller will last approximately 3 manicures depending on the thickness of your nails. 

What do they charge for Naked Nails nail polishing system?

Naked Nails sells online for $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling for a total of $21.98 and any applicable taxes. There is a 30-day money back guarantee for Naked Nails, but this does not include the shipping fees and what it will cost to send back.

Naked Nails nail polishing kit includes 2 Smooth Rollers, 2 High Shine Rollers 1 Nail Shaper, and 1 Callus Remover.

Naked Nails customer service information: 855-602-7831 or email:

Bottom Line: Is Naked Nails a good way to get my nails shiny without nail polish?

Nail polish-less nails are all the rage so it’s easy to see why a product like Naked Nails would be so appealing. However, there are a few things we’d like to point out.

First, remember that the shipping fees add $6.99 to the price and that money won’t be returned even if you send Naked Nails back. Second, they state that each smooth/high shine roller lasts for 3 manicures and should be used every other week. Therefore, the $21.98 product will only buy you 12 weeks of shiny nails; after that, you will need replacement rollers. When we called customer service, they did not know where you could order these rollers from.

So, essentially, to use Naked Nails and keep your nails shiny, you would need to pay $21.98 every 3 months or $87.92 a year. (Plus tax and batteries, depending on how long they last.)

In other words, while Naked Nails may sound like a good deal on TV, it won’t last you for very long. 

How to keep your naked nails shiny

Fortunately there are plenty of ways to keep your nails shiny for a fraction of the cost. First you could bathe them in a variety of natural ingredients like olive oil, milk, butter, and even yogurt. Check out 17 DIY Home Remedies for Shiny Nails here

You could also perhaps try the Emoji Micro-Nail Buff & Shine Manicure Kit, which has replacement rollers available and gets generally positive reviews from consumers. However, those that don’t like it caution that it doesn’t work well with ridged nails and that it wasn’t worth the price.

Generally speaking, be very careful with any kind of electric or battery powered nail buffer, as you can overdo it and damage them. Many people simply recommend a manual nail buffing tool that can be bought at any drug store for a fraction of the price of Naked Nails that will last longer and do as good a job with perhaps just a few seconds more of work.

Let us know your experience with Naked Nails below!

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