My Secret Bidet from Telebrands is an attachment to your toilet that they promise will wash you clean without any toilet paper or wipes. My Secret Bidet says it’s easy to install, works with any toilet, and will get you shower clean in seconds and then discretely tucks away so no one else knows it’s there.

What exactly is a bidet?

A bidet (pronounced bih day) is an invention credited to the French, although the first known mention is from Italy in 1710. It is a device to wash the “nether regions” of a person’s body and has a similar shape to a toilet, but instead of flushing water down, it sprays a jet of water up into your derriere, making it nice and clean without the need of toilet paper.

In the 1980s, the electric bidet was invented in Japan, which could be attached to a conventional toilet, making it less expensive than putting in a separate appliance.

The bidet was and is popular in most of Europe, but it never quite caught on the same way in the U.S., perhaps because people here are a little more conservative about dealing with their private parts. In recent years, the bidet seems to be catching on especially with older adults who may have mobility issues. Also, because you use little to no toilet paper, some tout the bidet as more economical and environmentally friendly.

Fun Fact: Bidet means “pony” and perhaps refers to the riding stance you must take over it when washing yourself with a traditional unit.

How does My Secret Bidet work to clean you off?

My Secret Bidet is a plastic attachment to your toilet bowl that they promise installs in just minutes. They instruct you to attach it under your toilet seat and then connect to the water line and they promise you are ready to go.

Next, do your duty. But instead of reaching for the roll of toilet paper, they instruct you to turn the knob, located on your right, to turn My Secret Bidet on, which will then point a stream of water at your…

You may be a little startled the first time you use it, but they add you can adjust My Secret Bidet’s water pressure to the perfect comfort level. They promise My Secret Bidet will get you cleaner than toilet paper or wipes, leaving you fresh and shower-clean.

Then, when you are finished, they claim you can turn the knob so that the nozzle tucks up into the rim of the toilet bowl so no one but you will know it’s there.

What do they charge for My Secret Bidet toilet attachment?

My Secret Bidet lists for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. However, by default they offer you a “bonus” second My Secret Bidet for another $7.99 in shipping. So if you only want one, you need to un-check the box.

My Secret Bidet comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but this is minus any of the fees and what it costs you to ship it back to them. In addition Telebrands requires you to include a “detailed” explanation as to why you are returning it or they could refuse you.

Telebrands customer service for My Secret Bidet can be reached at: 1-855-789-4109

“Bottom” Line: Is My Secret Bidet a great way to get myself clean?

My Secret Bidet is still new so word is not out yet from consumers who have tried it. There are a few things we’d like to point out.

First, and most obvious is that My Secret Bidet will hardly be a “secret” if you install it. This is because while the nozzle may recede, the controller knob will clearly be visible to anyone who comes in to use the bathroom. If they’re curious and aren’t familiar with the concept of a bidet, they may be in for a wet surprise…

Second, remember this is an “As Seen On TV” version of an electric bidet. While it may be cheaper than some of the electric bidets we’ve seen that go for several hundred dollars, you also get much less “bang” for your buck.

Fancier electric bidet devices have multiple nozzles, heated seats, a remote control, warm water, and even heaters to dry everything.

My Secret Bidet simply has an adjustable jet of cold water. Also, since the controller knob is essentially behind you, it may be uncomfortable to adjust while seated. If this is your first bidet experience, it could turn you off of the idea completely.

We do like the idea of a bidet and the fact that it can help reduce the amount of trees cut down for toilet paper; Americans use an average of 50 lbs. per person per year. It’s also easier for people with irritated bowls or mobility issues to clean themselves with dignity.

Those that do use bidets swear by them, many saying they’ll never go back to the old ways again. If you would like to know more about bidets, we suggest visiting While they are a company selling a variety of bidets at all different price levels, they claim it is their mission to educate the world about the wonders of the bidet and also donate some of their proceeds to charity.

Let us know your experience with My Secret Bidet below!

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