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Save your money! This doesn't even come close to working!

Feb 14, 2015 | | Florida

This was such a scam and such a rip off. This product promises to clean baked grease on frying pans, ovens, Bar-B-Qs and numerous other surfaces. It did absolutely nothing. What "appears" to be a cream he is dipping his sponge into is actually a powder. And after trying 3 times to clean the bottom of my frying pan (which was not even as bad as the one he used) I gave up and used Soft Scrub and a S.O.S. pad. Save your money. Caveat Emptor: If it sounds to good to be true, it probably IS!

Don't order this product.

Feb 2, 2015 | | Atlanta, Ga

I started to order this product just to see if it works. I stopped the ordering process before I finished the order and clicked off the website. They processed the incomplete order anyway and they tripled the order, charging me three times more. This is a scam that needs to be reported to the BBB.


Jan 29, 2015 | | Elgin, Il

No different than good old fashioned Borax or Vim.

My cleaning secret?

Jan 27, 2015 | | Modesto CA

I've used this product and the claims as far as I am concerned are false. It doesn't clean any better than any other cleaner. And by the way, it is more expensive. I won't recommend this product to anyone, and certainly won't buy it again.

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