My Bikini Butt is a subscription-based exercise program sold by Andrea Albright that promises to help you get rid of cellulite through a series of workouts that activate your “skinny gene”. Andrea promises if you follow her specific regimen you’ll have a tighter butt, a flat tummy, and skinny thighs that look great in a bikini or any other outfit you may want to wear.

The My Bikini Butt Pitch

My Bikini Butt uses the art of the long-form pitch to draw you in emotionally, mixing medical research with personal anecdotes and the temptation of a free trial to get you to click Buy.

First, Andrea begins by telling a long, drawn out story about how she was mortally embarrassed by an “evil” ex-boyfriend, causing her to go on her life’s journey to have the ultimate bikini butt.

She then talks about a so-called “Skinny Gene” discovered by scientists and that certain exercises can “turn it on”. We did find some information about the Skinny Gene (called adipose) that may hold hereditary disposition for obesity. However, these articles also note that the findings are preliminary and it is not clearly understood how it works or if it can really be activated.

Andrea also talks about a substance our body makes called AMPk, which is said to burn fat. Again, she claims specific exercises she has in My Bikini Butt will help you produce more of it. But the science behind how AMPk works is lacking and its role in obesity is unclear. concluded any form of exercise will activate AMPk but more research is needed. 

Finally, she claims you may be eligible for a special discount and be a participant in a test group if you fill out a questionnaire and promise not to “lose weight too rapidly” and are “prepared to handle extra male attention.”

In reality, any woman who fills out the form is eligible for the same offer, which we’ll discuss below.

My Bikini Butt Cost:

Once you get to the order page, you are greeted with a video of Andrea who congratulates you on making this far. There is an order form that has $47 for the My Bikini Butt plus a whole bunch of other products (exercises) including the Butt Kicker and Cheek Chisler, which are listed as FREE. These are all said to be available only online for streaming or download.

However, a closer examination of the Terms and Conditions reveal that $47 is just the first payment. You are also given a 14-day trial to Andrea’s Dream Body Coaching Program. If you do not cancel within 14 days, you will be billed $67 a month for at least 5 months, a total of $335.

My Bikini Butt does come with a 60-day money back guarantee but this appears to only be for the initial $47. We left a message asking for clarification at the number provided for customer service and are awaiting a response.

Bottom Line: Is My Bikini Butt a Good Way to Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Cellulite can be embarrassing for some women because of the social stigma associated with it. The good news is there is nothing genetically wrong with you if you have it, the bad news is, according to WebMD, aside from cosmetic surgery there is no cure

But don’t throw away that bikini – there are ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite and that’s through good old fashioned diet and exercise. And while My Bikini Butt may indeed offer you tips on eating better and working out harder which may result in less visible cellulite, remember it’s not just $47 for the entire program.

And you should also know spot reducing or targeting a certain area of the body for weight loss is a myth. We lose fat all over our body when we work out, not in just one area. A popular recent method of exercise shown to help you lose weight is called interval training, essentially a minute or so of intense exercise followed by a short rest and repeated. Here’s a free 7-minute workout app that will help you regulate the intervals. 

We’d also like to mention that we’ve only seen affiliated reviews of My Bikini Body, not any women that have actually paid for it. If you have an unbiased review, please share it below here!

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