Muscle Matrix Solution is a fitness program from Ryan Hughes that promises it will give you a total body transformation just by exercising 30 minutes a day 3 times a week. Muscle Matrix Solution claims you will pack on muscles, incinerate abdominal fat and have an “Alpha Male” physique that will command respect and attention.

What is the secret to Muscle Matrix Solution?

Muscle Matrix Solution touts its exercises are specially designed to increase testosterone and growth hormone, while dramatically lowering cortisol, a hormone we release when we’re stressed, which they claim increases belly fat. 

They claim if you purchase Muscle Matrix Solution, they will send you a password and access to a secret website that contains videos you can watch and PDFs that you can download that will help you achieve your goal of being totally ripped. 

Can I boost testosterone and lower cortisol with diet and exercise?

Yes… BUT. Our body naturally produces testosterone and studies show that your testosterone levels do rise after exercise. However, as WebMD notes, there is not a specific type of exercise that does this, the elevated level does not last for long, and it is unknown what the health benefits are. Certain vitamins like vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, and magnesium can also contribute to testosterone levels, but this is still not clearly understood.

High levels of cortisol can lead to weight gain, and the main way to control this is by lowering your levels of stress. One way is to listen to more music. According to, you can cut cortisol elevation levels by 66% when listening to music when you are stressed. 

Conclusion: you can affect the testosterone and cortisone levels through diet and exercise, but there is no “secret” method to do this. Ironically, if you exercise too much, you could actually lower your testosterone levels because you’re body thinks you are overdoing it.

How much does Muscle Matrix Solution cost to try?

Muscle Matrix Solution sells access to their site for $47. The number of videos and PDFs included for this price is unclear. Muscle Matrix promises you will need to only do these workouts 3 times a week for 30 minutes and will point you to important nutrients to take before and after your workouts to maximize the benefits. In addition, Muscle Matrix Solution is said to come with a tracking tool, meal plan, and a lifetime access to the Training Zone.

Muscle Matrix Solution Refund Information

Muscle Matrix Solution customer service: 888-591-6750.

Muscle Matrix offers a 60-day money back guarantee. When we called the Muscle Matrix number to get more information, we found out it was a voicemail. (Their address is a P.O. Box.) We are still waiting to hear back from them.

What are people saying about Muscle Matrix Solution?

When we typed in “muscle matrix solution reviews” in our favorite search engine, we got a whole bunch of results, but these all seem to be affiliate partners that get a commission on every sale. As long as these websites state somewhere that they have this arrangement it’s technically legal, although many of them make this disclosure very hard to find. In addition, these websites also tend to hog the results, forcing legit sites (like us) farther down the list.

We did find a mention on a bodybuilding forum about one of Ryan Hughes’ other workout programs, where one commenter stated: “it might be okay for someone who's already far advanced. But then, someone that advanced would possess the knowledge and experience to write his own routine, based on his exact strengths and weaknesses.”

Another commenter complained “It's a complete rip-off. The ebook doesn't even show how to do the exercises and is only 45 pages long. Anyone recommended this on here is probably being paid by Ryan Hughes to give glowing reviews. Save your money.”

HughesFit, the company behind Muscle Matrix Solution has a C- from the BBB, but this appears to be based on 1 complaint that wasn’t resolved within the last 3 years. 

Bottom Line: Is Muscle Matrix Solution a good way to get big muscles fast?

As we’ve attempted to show from the above overview, there is very little unbiased information about Muscle Matrix Solution. While it appears to be a relatively low investment of $47 for lifetime access to the website, it’s hard to know if that’s really worth it. In addition, like many of these fitness programs, there appears to be a strong upsell of supplements to go along with it.

Therefore, we do not recommend purchasing Muscle Matrix Solution.

How to Choose a Fitness Program

If you’ve decided to have a lifestyle change and get rid of the belly and beef up your muscles, good for you! We are always an advocate of good diet and exercise. But with so many choices and voices, it’s hard to know how to spend your money wisely.

According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s important to first assess your current situation. Are you already fit, or are you starting from zero? What are your goals? To lose weight? Gain muscle? A combination of the above?

Also, ask yourself what kind of activities you like to do. Swim, run, do aerobics, or lift weights? 

A key idea in any workout you choose is that you: a) enjoy it and b) keep it varied so you don’t get bored and/or your body gets used to it and stops improving.

If you decide you like workout videos, a great free resource is YouTube. You can search for workouts, which you can then sample. Some of these trainers may charge for additional lessons, but once you’ve tried (and like) a program, it will well be worth any fees.

Let us know your experience with Muscle Matrix Solution below!

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