Multi Cushion is a foldable, figure-8 style pillow with a hole in each side that the manufacturer Product Trend claims will cradle your body in comfort. Sit on it open, folded, or use it to rest your weary head, Multi Cushion promises to “envelop your body in a cloud of comfort.” Ahhh!

Product Trend also goes by the name Hampton Direct and they have a B- rating from the BBB. (More on them, later.) First, let’s take a look at Multi Cushion and see if it’s really cush for your tush.

The Multi Cushion Pitch

This product is aimed at men and women who find sitting at the desk, in the car, or even relaxing at home difficult or painful – and who doesn’t have that problem? The makers tout its versatility as its key to your comfort in a variety of sitting or sleeping positions. To show you how comfortable it is, they drop a watermelon on Multi Cushion and it gently comes to rest, whereas when the drop it on an ordinary pillow, it cracks.

How Multi Cushion Works

They don’t say what Multi Cushion is made from, except that it’s ergonomic and the cover is plush and super soft. The makers claim it can be used in a variety of ways: open-faced, folded in half on an office chair, or “L” shaped in the car or truck. They suggest you can also fold it and use as a pillow to sleep on an airplane, place under your feet on the bed, or between your knees while you sleep. No matter which way you decide to use Multi-Cushion, they state you will find comfort and relief as you sit, sleep, or relax. Zzzzz.

Multi Cushion Costs

$26.89 ($14.99 plus $5.95 for the Multi Cushion, plus an additional $5.95 for a “free gift” of an eye mask). If you’re not careful, you could pay an additional $5.95 for the “bonus” hot/cold pack, as that is the default option at checkout. You have 30 days to try Multi Cushion and if it doesn’t make you more comfy you can send it back for your $14.99, but you’ve got to pay to ship it back and they’ll pocket the S&H fees.

Bottom Line: Is Multi Cushion a Scam?

A comfortable pillow or seat is an elusive dream for many people, and this product may fit the bill. We like that it seems to be versatile in its use at home, in the car, travel, or the office. The shipping fees seem reasonable enough, as long as you eschew the hot/cold pack so it won’t cost you a pretty penny to give it a try.

However, Product Trend/Hampton Direct does seem to have some issues according to the Better Business Bureau. Specifically:

“Consumers state… they have a difficult time ordering a quantity of one and they are never given a chance to review or confirm the order... when they try to cancel… they are not allowed to and when the products are sent they are charged far more than the advertised price and are sent and charged for more products… when they contact the company customer service is rude and not helpful.”

Also, if you purchase Multi Cushion, Product Trend reserves the right to solicit you with more products via email, snail mail or telephone, as well as rent, exchange, or share your personal info to “select partners” who may do the same.

Not very relaxing, is it?

What do you think? Did you buy Multi Cushion and was it as comfortable as they promised, or was it a pain in the you know what to get your money back? Let us know!