Mr. Belt is a compression belt sold by Intersell Ventures that they claim will instantly transform your waist to the V-shaped look that you’ve always wanted. They boast Mr. Belt has 2 layers of compression to help transform that flab into abs and state you can comfortably wear it all day at work or at play. 

What Exactly Does Mr. Belt Do To My Belly?

Mr. Belt is a “waist trainer,” a new name for an old concept – the corset (yes, men wore them too). Waist trainers like Mr. Belt essentially cinch your waist tighter so you appear thinner. And while the Mr. Belt website exclaims “you will get rock hard abs of steel” the fine print in the infomercial states that Mr. Belt is not a weight loss product.

Still, they insist if you wear Mr. Belt it will “accelerate” weight loss through dual high compression. They add that you’ll see results faster if you wear Mr. Belt while exercising. Mr. Belt says it can also be worn discretely and comfortably underneath your work clothes or while relaxing at home (with or without a beer).

What Will It Cost Me To Have My Own Mr. Belt?

$29.94 for 2 Mr. Belts, one in black and one in beige. This is sold as $19.99 for the first Mr. Belt and the second one is $9.95 with free shipping and handling. (Sorry, you have to order 2 Mr. Belts.)

Mr. Belt comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. The website says this is minus shipping and handling but since Mr. Belt is listed as free shipping and handling we called customer service for clarification. They confirmed that your entire $29.94 will be refunded if you return Mr. Belt within 30 days but you’ll have to pay to ship it back to them.

Bottom Line: Is Mr. Belt a Good Idea To Help Me Look Thinner or Lose Weight?

There’s some good news and some bad news about Mr. Belt and similar waist training compression belts in the market. First, the good news: putting on a waist shaping belt for very short periods of time may make you feel more confident and it perhaps could remind you to eat a little less.

That’s the good news. Now the bad. Waist training devices don’t “accelerate” weight loss at all and can possibly cause other complications. Consumer Reports investigated a similar product called the Belly Burner; they tested it on joggers and found they had the same metabolic rate with or without it on. Spot training or spot reduction where you focus on one area of the body to lose weight, is also a myth. When you exercise, you burn fat and increase muscle, but the body gets the fat from everywhere, not just the area you are exercising. That’s why even if you do crunches, you may have stronger abs but they could still be covered in a layer of fat.

Here’s worse news: wearing a constricting device like Mr. Belt while working out can obstruct your breathing, give you indigestion or acid reflux, and maybe make you pass out. Also, if you have a Mr. Belt on while lifting weights (like one of the people in the infomercial is doing) it could give you a false sense of strength, causing you to lift more than you can really handle and injure yourself.

Finally, take a closer look at the supposed Before and After picture:

Before and after pictures of using Mr. Belt

Clearly, the guy is just sticking out his gut in number 1! 

Alternatives to Mr. Belt

Often times we like to offer our readers different alternatives for products in this section. However, generally speaking we do not recommend wearing waist trainers for the reasons above. 

If you want to get rid of that beer gut and get rock hard abs, we recommend:

  • a) put down the beer.
  • b) exercise more.

Here are a few places to start:

Basically these involve interval training, which is defined as short, intense workouts followed by a brief resting period. We also found a killer app that will help you do these intervals without a lot of counting to yourself: 7-minute workout from Johnson & Johnson

Let us know your experience with Mr. Belt below!

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