Mobile Cane from Lenfest Media is a 2-handled cane that boasts it was designed by an orthopedic surgeon and will help you or someone you love sit down or stand up more easily and safely. Mobile Cane claims to be the first cane of its kind to have a pivoting lower support handle, a self-standing base, and a built-in LED that allows users more mobility and independence.

How does Mobile Cane work to assist me with my ups and downs?

Mobile Cane is said to be a fully adjustable cane, which can go from 29’ to 40’ and support up to 350 lbs.; it also has a 4-pronged base that they claim allows it to stand by itself on any terrain. In addition to its top handle, Mobile Cane comes with a second lower handle that pivots.

To use Mobile Cane, they tell you to simply spread the handles, lean forward, and push yourself up. They tout the 2-handle design lets you distribute body weight more evenly, offering you 10 inches of support for proper balance. They add Mobile cushioned handles are comfortable so it’s easier than ever to sit down or stand up.

Mobile Cane also includes a “super bright” LED light and a storage compartment inside the handle and promises its design is lightweight and durable.

How much does Mobile Cane 2-handled cane cost?

Mobile Cane sells for $19.95 plus $9.95 shipping and handling for a total of $29.90 (they state the 4-prong base and the LED light are “absolutely free bonus upgrades” so you feel like you are getting something for nothing).

Is there a guarantee or warranty for Mobile Cane?

Mobile Cane lists a 30-day limited warranty for the regular Mobile Cane and 90 days for a Deluxe Model; however, it isn’t clear if there are 2 different versions of Mobile Cane. When we called customer service they told us they didn’t have any more information on the product and would call us back (we’re still waiting).

Mobile Cane comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus the initial $9.95 shipping charge and what it costs to send back.

Mobile Cane customer service telephone: 877 883-9083

Bottom Line: Is Mobile Cane a good cane to help me get around?

Possibly yes. We couldn’t find any customer reviews of Mobile Cane but can understand its appeal, especially for those who have trouble going from sitting to standing (and vice versa).

While they claim Mobile Cane is the first 2-handled cane in the marketplace, it is not the only one. We found the Apallo 2 Self Standing Cane on Amazon, which has similar features to the Mobile Cane, except it adds a lanyard and a second handle compartment and sells for about $48.00.

There are more reviews of the Apallo 2 that has the single rubber tip, but both models get high marks from people that bought them. Both models are also said to weigh less than 1 lb. made of aircraft grade aluminum that can hold up to 250 lbs. While we don’t know how much Mobile Cane weighs or what it is made of, they promise it can hold up 350 lbs.

Lenfest Media has a generally good reputation, with an A- rating from the BBB with just 1 complaint in the last 3 years. But we’ll give you a tip: look for Mobile Cane at your local Target, Walgreens, Bed Bath Beyond, CVS, or Walmart. While the advertisement claims that their offer isn’t available in stores, the secret is that the majority of “As Seen On TV” products like Mobile Cane are sold at the retail level, not online or over the phone. This way, you can actually try Mobile Cane out before you buy it and you won’t have to pay any shipping fees or wait for it to arrive in the mail.

You may also be interested in these Tips for Choosing and Using a Cane from the Mayo Clinic.

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