Miracle Feet is a handheld foot file the manufacturers boast will get instantly get rid of dry dead skin and callused feet. They claim the large file eliminates calluses more quickly than other files and the extended handle allows for easier reach.

This product is a classic “As Seen On TV” product that may indeed work as advertised, but… (keep reading for more info)

The Miracle Feet Pitch

This product is targeted primarily at women who like to wear open-heeled shoes. They make having dry or callused feet look like something out of a horror movie, with dramatic music, strange camera angles, and even a scream. Then they considerably brighten the tone and the music when they show you Miracle Feet in action. To show you how safe and gentle it is, they scrape the skin off of an avocado and then rub it across a balloon, which doesn’t pop. In order to appeal to an older demographic, they have testimonial from an elderly woman who says she has arthritis and Miracle Feet was easy for her to use.

How Miracle Feet Work

Miracle Feet says it is a file with 400 microfiles and a rubber handle. They tout its large size lets you get the job done faster and the curved design is in the shape of your foot. They add the extended comfort handle helps you avoid bending over.

They recommend using Miracle Feet when your feet are dry. Then, quickly scrape the bottoms and sides of your feet. Miracle Feet says not only will the calluses disappear instantly but the dead skin will be collected in the catcher, which you can remove and empty at any time.

Miracle Feet Cost

$22.98 which includes 2 Miracle Feet and 2 bottles (unknown size) of Miracle Foot Repair Cream. This is pitched to you as $10 and in the fine print is the $6.99 in shipping and handling. PLUS, for the supposedly free Miracle Feet and Foot Cream, they charge you an additional $6.99 in fees.

Remember, these fees are non-refundable, so even if you decide to take advantage of their 30-day money back offer, you will only get $10 back.

Bottom Line: Is Miracle Feet a Scam?

Miracle Feet may indeed work as advertised, however, we want you to remember:

  • This is an “As Seen On TV” product, which generally tend to overstate their benefits and often disappoint upon arrival.
  • There is no information about who sells Miracle Feet.
  • They automatically make you buy 2.
  • They will keep more than half your money even if you return it.

Let us know what you think of Miracle Feet below!