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Buyer Be Warned

Jun 14, 2015 | | Los Angeles

I ordered this pillow because I wanted more neck and head support when sleeping. I also liked the fact that this pillow was suppose to keep you cool. Like the other reviewers have mentioned, the pillow smells terrible, and the smell lingers. The pillow is also very dense, and does not conform to your body. Since I have missed my 30-days, I am going to try washing the pillow and removing some of the foam. Perhaps that will help. I also didn't like that I was contacted by a very pushy fulfillment center that called me several times in a row over a period of days, until I answered. When I did a VERY pushy sales person tried to send me additional products -- I had to be firm to the point of being almost rude for him to take no for an answer. In closing, don't buy this product. There are much better options on the market, that come without headaches (literally) and hassles.

Wouldn't want it even for free

Jul 4, 2015 | | Bethesda, MD

This is so bad we will not even want to have it for free. It does not have any support. It is filled with some kind of sponge factory scraps. It a waste on money and time. It's simply going back.

So disappointed but too late to return

Jul 11, 2015 | | Los Angeles, CA

I ordered these pillows after a late night infomercial (buy one, get one free). They came without a packing slip or an invoice, so they want to make it difficult to return. After more than 30 days the pillows still smell, I aired them out in another room before bringing them to my bed. And it is the HARDEST PILLOW EVER! The yellow sheet inside suggest how to make it soft (turn in on the side) but that doesn't make it as comfortable as they claim. It will give you a headache if you sleep on it lying flat. I'm stuck now, I kept hoping it would get better, but no such luck. I want that hotel type pillow, fluffy and lush but comfortable. If anyone knows where I can get a GREAT PILLOW, please let me know, thanks.

Stinks like formaldehyde

Jul 21, 2015 | | Orange County, CA

Got the pillow, fluffed them and let them air out for hours. I went to go to bed and they smell like they were just dipped in formaldehyde. I'm going to air them out a few more days and try them again. They may end up as pillows for my dog.

Another one bites the dust; the things we fall for; what a waste.

Jul 31, 2015 | | Atlanta GA

Never experienced anything the commercial indicated. My husband claims he felt the difference immediately but stopped using it after a month and now he doesn't use it all all. He says it's too hard. I've never liked it. It is very uncomfortable and too hard for my neck. I wish I could return it. I still have the original package an receipt for both pillows -- was hoping to return it. It's not as flexible as it looks on TV. Spend you money on something else or make sure you keep the package and receipt to return it.

Pillow way too heavy and it stinks

Oct 3, 2015 | | Waterloo, IA

We bought these at Sam's Club and were told it will take two weeks for us to get used to them. You can wash them and the covers. We only wanted 2 but got 3 (we had to take 3). Altogether it cost $93.07. That is 86.98 plus tax. So now we have been using these for three weeks. They are going back Monday. Thanks to Sam's Club they will take them back as long as I have my receipt. They are heavy, makes our necks sore and still stink. Oh, and you should not wash the pillows, but you can wash the covers. We have tried everything to get that smell out. You cannot do anything about how heavy they are and how they make your neck hurt. I feel like we have been scammed. Thanks to Sam's Club, we will get our money back.

Lumpy, heavy, and bad for your health

Oct 6, 2015 | | Los Angeles, CA

I purchased my Miracle Bamboo Pillow after seeing the TV ad.

After taking it out of the package I noticed the strong chemical smell. A package insert said to air it out for a day and wash the cover (which is only 50% bamboo) before using. It also said the pillow itself was not washable, contrary to what is shown on TV.

The pillow is made from polyurethane foam, which Dr.Oz says is toxic and an cause all kinds of medical problems. He states such pillows should not be used.

It took about two weeks for the chemical smell to go away. I tried using the pillow and found that it magnified the heat from my head, making my head and face hotter. It was hard and lumpy unless used only as a back support.



Nov 29, 2015 | | Philadelphia, PA

I bought this pillow at Bed Bath Beyond because of that late night infomercial. They made it look like heaven and man did I need heaven for this stiff neck I get nightly by sleeping on these cheap Target pillows. First and foremost the smell alone makes it unbearable to sleep, then the heavy bulkiness makes my neck even stiffer. Forget about it this pillow is going back, total waste of a trip and money. Another reviewer said they need that plush hotel type pillow. Where can I find one? This pillow sucks and smells bad.

Very bad, terrible, do not buy!

Dec 13, 2016 | | Los Angeles, CA

I wish I had never sent for these pillows, they are very heavy, very hard, and I wish I had known because they want over 14.00 to return.

Worse pillow ever

Dec 16, 2016 | | Chicago

These pillows are hard and remain flat. They are not worth the money. They are the worse pillows. I wish I would have returned them, but I waited too long. They never fluff up. I would never recommend this pillow to anyone at all. My cat likes it. I would give the Miracle Bamboo a zero rating, but I have to put something.


Dec 21, 2016 | | Terrace, BC Canada

I bought this pillow because it was advertised as a great pillow, dust mite free & hypoallergenic. It also states that it is soft & helps ease the pain. Well, it's hard, not comfortable and I hate the way it forms around my head, causing more pain. I am feeling more tired than I had before this pillow. I hate it.

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