MindBoost from Simple Smart Science are a set of “smart drugs” (also known as nootropics) that the makers claim are natural and represent a key breakthrough in brain health and nutrition. They promise their supplements will improve memory, decrease anxiety, help you fall asleep faster, rejuvenate your brain while asleep, and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed… and smarter to boot!

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics is a term coined by Corneliu E. Giurgea for any natural compound designed to enhance brain function, disrupt bad behaviors, have very few side effects, and not get you “high”. Ever since he created the first nootropic Piracetam, there have been numerous other compounds developed, tested, and sold as having mind-enhancing capabilities. However, as noted in an article in Men’s Health examining nootropics, there have been very few large studies of their effects on humans and it is unclear how – or if – they actually work.

The MindBoost Pitch

With the above in “mind” (pun intended), MindBoost does appear to have a very informative website with articles and links to different studies that they say show their ingredients work. MIndBoost is essentially selling 2 different formulas: MindBoost Day and MindBoost Night, which they package together as MIndBoost Complete and claim to be the only “full-cycle” nootropic on the market. 

MindBoost Day contains Bacopa Monieri (said to improve memory), Rhodiola Rosea (they claim it reduces anxiety and fatigue), Ginkgo Bilboa (allegedly helps with memory and general cognition) and Vitamin B-12 (may affect neurological functions), and Folic Acid (“positively associated” with cognitive functions). 

MindBoost Night contains Picamilon (said to increase GABA and reduce anxiety), olive leaf extract (may give you a “higher mental status”), green tea (may improve memory), and Folic Acid (may slow down cognitive decline).

MindBoost states that their “scientific team” has spent hundreds of hours researching case studies around the world to find the best ingredients. However, a look at their About Us Page did not list any scientists in the company and one of their listed Values is “live like a 4 year old.”

MindBoost Costs:

You can buy MindBoost Complete in 30-day ($97), 60-day ($164), and 3-month ($204) supplies. 

MindBoost/Simple Smart Science offers a 120-day “Hassle Free” money back guarantee. 

Bottom Line: Is Buying MindBoost a “Smart” Idea?

Everyone from college students to seniors experience “brain fog” and often would like a little boost in their cognitive abilities, so it’s very easy to see why nootropics are so popular. Indeed, there is a little bit of evidence that ingredients like Bacopa can help with memory (WebMD lists it as “possibly effective”). 

Most of the studies listed on the MindBoost site were done with very few participants (see How To Read a Clinical Study). They do point to a large (almost 7,000 people) study showing how olive oil appears to help with cognition. However, this is for olive oil consumed as food, not extract from the leaves, which is what MindBoost is said to contain. Similarly, it lists a study done in China with 2501 participants that showed drinking tea helped prevent cognitive impairments. Again, this drinking tea, not taking it in pill form.

What we’re trying to say here is that there is a bit of evidence some of these ingredients may work to help you feel smarter. While they do claim their product is tested by an independent third party, they do not name the lab they use. In 2013, Canadian researchers tested bottles from popular supplement companies and found 1/3 did not contain the ingredients they listed. A similar study commissioned by the New York attorney general found the same thing in the US. 

Therefore, if you are interested in any of these ingredients, we suggest a) do your research (you can read our article about How To Buy a Brain Supplement as well as A Beginner’s Guide to Nootropics on Reddit) and b) look for companies that have the US Pharmacopeia (USP) label that certifies their purity. MindBoost does not have the USP seal.

We hope this helps you make an informed decision about MindBoost. Let us know what you think below!