Mighty Shears Scissors from Spark Innovators is a pair of special scissors they claim are the perfect multi-purpose tool for all your cutting needs. This is because they state it cuts through meat, veggies, rope, cardboard or other ultra-tough surfaces and you can use it to peel vegetables, scale fish, crack nuts and more.

How does Mighty Shears Scissors work to let me cut stuff up?

Mighty Shears Scissors are a pair of scissors with a green handle that claim to have a variety of uses besides cutting coupons. They state Mighty Sheer Scissors blades are made from titanium that are strong enough to cut through a variety of tough things like bone, wire, thin wood, or metal; they add there is a groove in the scissors that allow you use it for wire stripping.

In addition, they state when you twist apart the handles of the Mighty Shears Scissors, they become 2 other convenient tools. The straight-edge knife side can be used in the kitchen to cut vegetables, fruits, and meats. The serrated side can be used to slice breads and cakes. There is also a built-in peeler, nut cracker, screwdriver, jar opener, bottle opener, and fish scaler. In all, they boast Mighty Shears Scissors is 9 tools in 1.

Mighty Shears Scissors $10 offer and fine print

Mighty Shears Scissors claims to charge $10 and if you buy one, they’ll send you another pair free. However, there is a bit of fine print that you should know about. First, they not only charge you $6.99 in shipping and handling fees for the first Mighty Shears Scissors, but they also charge $6.99 for the second pair.

This means you will be paying $13.98 in fees on a $10 product. While there is a 30-day money back guarantee, if you try to get a refund for Mighty Shears Scissors, they won’t include those fees and you have to pay to ship it back to them.

We’d also like to point out their Privacy Policy page, that gives them permission to solicit you with other goods or services via email, snail mail, and even call you on the telephone. They add that “from time to time” they may give this information to other “reputable” companies that may do the same. In order to opt-out, they instruct you to email them at webmaster@digitaltargetmarketing.com. We also suggest reading our article about how to put the kibosh on spam, junk mail, and phone solicitors.

Bottom Line: Is Mighty Shears Scissors a good pair of multi-purpose scissors?

Likely, no. Why do we say this? Because we feel when the shipping and handling fees are more than the product itself there is little incentive for a company to provide a quality product, as they will still make money off the sale whether it works as advertised. From our experience, customers who buy products with sneaky add-on pricing tend to call these “scams”.

Also, maybe it’s the concerned parent in us, but twisting open Mighty Shears Scissors to make 2 separate sharp knives sounds like you could possibly hurt yourself.

If you are still interested in Mighty Sheer Scissors, let us let you in on an insider’s secret: the majority of these “As Seen On TV” products are not sold online or via operators standing by, but in retail stores such as Target, Walgreens, Costco, or Bed Bath and Beyond. If interest is strong enough, Mighty Sheer Scissors will be available at those retail locations without the added shipping fees and if they’re not sharp enough you can return them without the hassle of customer service.

We also suggest checking out the Sweethome’s extensive research (30 hours, 75 models) of scissors and kitchen shears, where they awarded the Kai 5210 8-inch Dressmaking Shears the best all-around scissors for your money.

You can also read this metafilter thread, where many users chimed in on their favorite pair. Fiskars and Gingher are often mentioned. If you do a lot of sewing, some caution to have a separate pair for cloth.

Let us know what you think of Mighty Sheer Scissors below!