Mighty Ratchet sold by TV Direct is a two-handled solid steel ratchet they promise is the fastest, easiest way to loosen bolts. They claim it has 7x the power of a regular ratchet wrench and you can use it on nuts, bolts, or screws in forward or reverse and you’ll never be “screwed” again.

How Mighty Ratchet Works

Mighty Ratchet appears to work like a standard ratchet, except it has a second handle. They claim this gives you more power, similar to a tire iron that requires both hands. To use Mighty Ratchet, select the size (it comes with 5 sockets) and use two hands to crank. They tout it will loosen even the toughest bolts and add that the second handle is removable for hard-to-reach areas.

Mighty Ratchet Sells For:

$21.98 for 2 Mighty Ratchets and 5-piece socket set – this is portrayed as $10 plus $5.99 S&H for the first Mighty Ratchet and the second one is “free” but they charge another $5.99 in handling. Mighty Ratchet is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, minus S&H.

Bottom Line: Is Mighty Ratchet a Cool Tool?

Mighty Ratchet promises a lot of torque for your buck. Remember, however, that this product is pitched by Beau Rials, a professional spokesman and designed to tempt the DIY mechanic. (He has a scantily-clad assistant at his side to add to the titillation.)

They claim it’s made from Heavy Duty Solid Steel, but there are many different grades of steel. Most professional tools are made from High-Carbon Steel because it’s extremely durable. Since Mighty Ratchet doesn’t specify, it’s unlikely to be this grade steel. Aside from the 30-day money back guarantee, there is no warranty for Mighty Ratchet.

We’d also like to point out Mighty Ratchet/TV Direct’s Privacy Policy Page, which allows them to use your information to solicit you via email or telephone with other offers, products, or services; they may give this info to other organizations as well.

These are things we think you should keep in mind before ordering Mighty Ratchet. Let us know what you think below!