Mighty Mendit from Plymouth Direct claims to be a bonding agent that is the fastest and easiest way to mend or hem your clothes. Mighty Mendit touts that this is because its flexible interlocking bonding agent stays tough and is so versatile it can be used for hundreds of different applications around the house.

The Mighty Mendit Commercial Pitch

The Mighty Mendit commercial could be considered a “classic” – it’s pitched by the late great Billy Mays, who died in 2009 but whose charisma and selling power continues to live on.

Billy touts Mighty Mendit as a way to save nearly any item that is torn or broken including shoe heels, fabric, and upholstery. They state Mighty Mendit is not a glue but a flexible bonding agent that dries clear and grabs, adheres, and interlocks the fibers of virtually any fabric for a permanent repair.

To show you how strong Mighty Mendit is, they claim to have repaired a tear in an American Flag that withstands the strength of storm force winds from a giant fan; they even claim to close a rip in a parachute with Mighty Mendit that allows a skydiver to safely land from 13,000 feet. “That’s the power of Mighty Mendit!” Billy screams.

Mighty Mendit promises that you’ll find hundreds of money saving uses for it around the house, including using it for scrapbooking. They promise the bond will last, even after washing fabrics 50 times.

How much do they charge for a bottle of Mighty Mendit fabric repair?

Mighty Mendit is sold as a “triple offer” (which basically means you have to buy 3 bottles at a time) and includes a travel size bottle as well as a bottle of Gemit for bedazzling clothing for $28.90. (This is listed as $19.95 plus $8.95 shipping and handling.) They don’t say how big the bottle is except to say each one is good for an “entire house full” of repairs; customer service had no further information, either.

Does Mighty Mendit have a money back guarantee?

Yes. They state if you are unsatisfied with Mighty Mendit you have 30 days from the date you got it to send it back for a refund of the $19.95 but not the $8.95 in shipping and what it costs you to send it back.

Mighty Mendit customer service telephone: 800-340-3418.

Mighty Mendit Reviews

Since Mighty Mendit has been around for many years (and likely sold millions of bottles thanks to Mr. May’s charm) there are quite a few reviews of the product.

Back in 2009, Lauren Keith of KFVS News in Missouri investigated its claims on their “Does it Work?” segment. She gave it a D+ saying it’s a temporary fix for some items but very hard to work with and not worth the price.

Another reporter Michelle Mortenson from channel 8 in Las Vegas gave it a “maybe” – she found it worked on furniture, a kite, and a (miniature) parachute but it didn’t hold up in the wash on fabrics and cautioned you can’t dry clean it.

Consumer reviews on Amazon are overall positive, but several of the negative comments note that you can’t wash it in hot or warm water or put it in the dryer and it often leaves a crusty film on the fabric. Those that do love it say it’s great on furniture and denim and suggest using only a small amount for thin fabrics.

Our take on Mighty Mendit: A Temporary Fix Best Bought at Retail

After reviewing both the pros and cons, we think Mighty Mendit will work in certain limited situations (primarily rugs, furniture, or denim) but when it comes to many items you wear, it will likely only hold up if you wash them in cold water and hang them out to dry – not too practical for many people.

The good news is that Mighty Mendit may be handy for some stuff and would be worth the price so long as you DON’T buy it from their website. Amazon and others sell the same kit for about $10 plus shipping and you can likely find this product even cheaper at retail stores, where Mighty Mendit likely makes 90% of their sales.

We hope this helps you understand the claims (and reality) of Mighty Mendit – let us know if it worked for you below!