Mighty Meatballs from Spark Innovators claims if you use this product you can shape, stuff, and seal 4 giant meatballs at once. They tout it’s easy to use, fun for everyone, and that the plastic device is BPA-free to boot. Mama mia!

How Mighty Meatballs Works

Mighty Meatballs is hocked by popular pitchman Marc Gill who is also the enthusiastic spokesman of products such as Mighty Gard and Plumber’s Hero. Here, he promises stuffed meatballs without the mess.

To use Mighty Meatballs, he instructs you to place your minced meat of choice in the bottom round red container, then flip the white cups on top and press to make an indentation. Next, put your stuffing in the middle and close up with the meat-filled top container and Bada BING! You’ve got 4 stuffed meatballs. (It comes with a Meatball Recipe Guide for suggestions.)

Mighty Meatballs Will Cost You:

$25 for 2 Mighty Meatballs and 2 Recipe Guides. They disguise this by saying it’s just $10 plus S&H and you get a second one free, but they charge you $7.50 in fees for the first one and another $7.50 to ship the second. (As Tony Soprano might say: “Marone! Why does it cost $15 to ship 2 friggin’ pieces of plastic??”)

You have 30 days to try Mighty Meatballs and if you don’t like it, you can return for your $10 back but not the $15 in fees.

Bottom Line: Is Mighty Meatballs a Scam?

The stuffed meatballs in the commercial do look delicious and Marc is a very persuasive salesman. We have no doubt Mighty Meatballs will work as promised and Spark Innovators currently has a squeaky-clean A+ rating from the BBB.

But we just want to remind you that this product is essentially a one-trick pony: stuffed meatballs. And it’s not $10 as the infomercial promises – it’s really $25, $15 of which is non-refundable even if you return it.

If you want to make stuffed meatballs, it’s not very hard with or without Mighty Meatballs. You simply take whatever you want in the middle and cover it with meat. Here’s an easy recipe from Food Republic for mozzarella stuffed meatballs. Abbondanza!

And let us know what you think of Mighty Meatballs below!