Micro Touch Max is a grooming device for men they say will trim scraggly hairs with micro precision leaving you smooth and kissable. Use on your eyebrows, the back of your neck, and (almost) any orifice to get rid of unsightly follicles.

Micro Touch Max is sold by Idea Village, a direct marketing company so shady they get a D rating from the BBB, due to almost 150 complaints in the last 3 years.

The Micro Touch Max Pitch

Micro Touch Max touts it’s the painless and barbershop-free way of getting rid of stray hairs. They claim it’s an “Award Winner 2014” from Men’s Health magazine; however, we could not verify this claim nor find out what the actual award was for.

How Micro Touch Max Works

Micro Touch Max is powered by 2 AAA batteries (which are not included). It claims to be the only trimmer with a built-in light, but this is a common feature on many similar products. To use, turn on and stroke the “Hairea” that needs trimming; there is a special attachment to get rid of your Ernest Borgnine-like eyebrows. You can stick it up your nose and in your ears as well. They claim it’s painless, yet shaves as close as a blade.

You Get:

Micro Touch Max
10 piece deluxe grooming kit “free” (extra S&H)

It Costs:

The Micro Touch Max is currently priced at $28.97. They disguise this by saying it’s $14.99 plus $6.99 in shipping and then sneak in another $6.99 shipping charge for the “free” grooming kit. Note: the $13.98 in S&H is not refundable. So even if you do return this product within 30 days as allowed, they’re going to keep almost half your money.

Privacy and Arbitration

In addition, when you buy Micro Touch Max you are “trimming” your rights as a consumer. This is because when you click “process order” you are also signing an arbitration agreement which prevents you from joining any hairy, angry people in a class action lawsuit or suing them yourself. In addition, you also “remove” any privacy you may have when you give them your name, address, phone, and email as they are allowed to bombard you with solicitations as well as give your details to other marketers.

Bottom Line: Is Micro Touch Max a Scam?

Yes. Why? Because the shipping fees are as much as the product (give or take a dollar and change). That’s a Red Flag for us because it means they’ll still make a bit of money off you even if Micro Touch Max doesn’t remove a single hair from your body. The intrusive privacy policy, crappy BBB rating, and sign-away-your-rights arbitration agreement only make it worse. If you still want to try it, as we always suggest, you could probably find it at your local Wal-Greens or Wal-Mart.