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Definitely not worth the money

Mar 5, 2015 | | Palm Coast, FL

Against my better judgment, I decided to try the tough blades; clearly it was a mistake. I have a very mild beard and can normally use my Mach III blades for three weeks or so. But the real issue is that the shave from the tough blade is not near as good as from my Mach III. It does not shave as close, not nearly as close, no matter how many times I go over one spot. After one week of using it, I threw it and the blades in the garbage, and just chalked it up to a bad experience. I suppose they will make a ton of money with these poor quality blades before they drop off the market. The lesson for me is to go back to my normal situation of never ordering anything advertised on line. One simply cannot believe the ads.

This is a joke

Feb 22, 2015 | | Waynesville, NC

Ever tried to send an email to customer support? Ever tried to call customer service? Forget these people.

How they're able to pull of this scam and, have ads on Fox and, enlist a professional athlete to help promote this scam is remarkable. Every review tells you STAY AWAY.

The worst experience ever

Feb 14, 2015 | | San Antonio, TX

I tried to order this product Tough Blade three times. First, I ordered it online and gave my CC number. Got a confirmation but no product. Line always busy to customer service. Then I called the 800 order line. The woman was so obnoxious and was reading a script like a human robot! I said, look I just want to order the product. She kept trying to sell me other garbage. I stopped her and said can I order the product and she hung up on me! Call me stupid but I wanted to try this so I called back and went through ten minutes with a computer robot. I again gave a CC #. The computer tried to cross sell or up sell me at least seven times. I guess this Idea Village company ran out of ideas. What a complete scam. I am writing the heads of TV shows which pitched this crap!

Never received blades

Jan 27, 2015 | | Salamanca New York

I never received my order for $66.00 from Tough Blades. It's ridiculous! Every time you try to reach them by phone the damn line is busy. I just want my money back.

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