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They suck and don’t last.

Dec 8, 2017 | | Berwick, PA

I bought this for my husband 3 months ago and he only has 2 blades left. They don’t last as long as they say. Not worth the money.

Tough Blade?

Nov 25, 2017 | | Hilo, HI

The Tough Blade is not tough at all. The first one I bought broke in a week. I thought maybe it was an anomaly, so I bought another one. That handle lasted a month. I just threw away 20 extra blades.

Bumps and Missed Hairs.

Nov 20, 2017 | | Cumberland, Virginia

After I went through the first five blades, I decided no more shaving for me. I was missing more hair on my 53-year-old face. I had to go back to my Gillette Razor. No, I don't own stock, or work for them etc.

I Like it - No Problems

Nov 18, 2017 | | CT

I'm still on the original 12 blades after 18 months. The blades stay sharp and comfortable for a long time if you use a good shaving cream and rinse the razor every time you are done shaving. I've shaved every day for 50 years and this is my favorite razor.

Best blade if used properly.

Nov 10, 2017 | | Viriginia

These are by best the best blades I have ever used. Upon receiving my first order two years ago, I went to shave and I couldn't even tell it was cutting, it was like shaving with silk. As the blade gets used it gets a little less comfortable cut. So just use a lubricant or I use Cetaphil lotion. If you use a lubricant you can get up to 8 weeks of shaving every day off one blade. I highly recommend this shaver for every man of any age.

Cannot load after first the blade change.

Oct 27, 2017 | | Antioch, IL

Remaining razor blades will last a lifetime as the handle will not attach to the new blade. First shaves were great but $20.00 for one month use is not worth it. I cut my hands after attempting to load new blade. The handle is bad and the vendor would not accept the return. Bad mistake on my part.

Tough blade, try it, you'll like it.

Oct 16, 2017 | | Freeport, N.Y.

This is the only review potential customers should be listening to, this is absolutely the best razor blade I have ever used and I've used all of them. For people to be complaining about the handle breaking, it makes no sense to me, I don't know how hard you're pressing on this handled to shave your face but if you have to press that hard to shave your face maybe you should be using a chainsaw instead of a razor blade.

I actually look forward to shaving every morning because this blade is so incredible. I've been using the same blade for 3 months and I shave every day and that blade is still as sharp as the day I opened up the package. I hope this review helps people determine whether or not to buy this blade, try it, you won't be disappointed.

Brett Favre Endorsed Razors

Sep 30, 2017 | | Las Vegas, Nevada

I bought just the razor with 12 refill blades about 2 years ago. Yes, I had my doubts when buying it but it was only $20.00 plus tax and I've been pleasantly surprised ever since the first use. The blades actually stay very sharp a lot longer than the competition does. I've just recently put on the last refill cartridge and found a tip for keeping it sharp even longer. I'm buying refills tomorrow and I plan on keeping precise track of exactly how long each cartridge lasts.

I'll write another review after this batch is gone so you'll be hearing from me in about 2 years. I highly recommend this product!

Cheap Handle

Sep 23, 2017 | | Texas

Broke the hook that holds the blade just changing the first blade. Horrible product, will never buy any product from this company again.

Absolute Crap

Sep 21, 2017 | | RI

Awful product. The handle didn't last a week before the teeth holding in the blade snapped. Will not last even the length of one blade. Waste of money. I 100% regret ever using this product. I would not recommend this product to my worst enemy.

Snap in handle

Aug 20, 2017 | | AZ

I bought this online and the handle broke at the blade on the third shave. The handle has cheap plastic teats.

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