Micro Touch Tough Blade is a men’s shaving system sold by Idea Village and pitched by NFL legend Brett Favre that promises you a perfect shave for a year for under $20. The Micro Touch Tough blade says it is a triple-head shaver with each replaceable cartridge containing 3 German stainless steel blades that will give you a close shave and is also great for sensitive skin.

How Micro Touch Tough Blade Works

Micro Touch Tough Blade consists of an orange and purple handle and a set of 12 cartridges that they state will last you for one year. They state that each Micro Touch Tough Blade cartridge contains 3 blades: the first lifts, the second cuts, and the third finishes, leaving your skin silky smooth. They add it has micro thin non-stick surface strip for lubrication and shaves comfortably at any angle.

Micro Touch Tough Blade Costs:

$27.98 ($19.99 plus $7.99) this includes the Micro Tough Trimmer and 12 replacement blades. At time of your order, you can add a stand, 6 more blades, and a 2-year warranty for another $9.99.

Micro Touch Tough Blade comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus any S&H. It should also be noted when you click Process Order you are agreeing to their arbitration agreement which prevents you from suing them if you cut yourself shaving (or any other reason).

Bottom Line: Is Micro Touch Tough Blade a Scam?

We’re sure Micro Touch Tough Blade is a men’s razor that will shave you. We’d just like to point out a few things. First, you may be interested in this product because of its association with Brett Favre. While Brett is pictured on the website first with a scraggly grey beard and then clean-shaven, that doesn’t mean that he used a Micro Touch Tough Blade to do the job. While he is a persuasive pitchman, you should also remember that he being is paid to endorse this razor and may not necessarily use it himself.

Its 3-head pivoting blade is a typical design, but you may be wondering about its so-called “German stainless steel.” While steel made in Germany is considered to be superior, the truth is that the steel in Micro Touch Tough Blade is probably manufactured in China using German standards.

Micro Touch Tough Blade does give you 12 cartridges; they insist these will last you a year, but that part is really up to you. While there are no “official” rules as when to change your razor blade, the main reason they get dull is from corrosion, not overuse.

The best way to keep a razor blade sharp is to clean it with warm water and then dry completely on your towel. If it feels dull when you shave and you are thinking of changing it, try this unusual tip: gently rub backwards 10 times on your forearm – the leathery part of your arm is said to work like a barber’s razor strop, dramatically lengthening the life of your cartridge.

In other words, in terms of its features and design, Micro Touch Tough Blade is really no more special than any other razor set you may already own or can currently buy on the marketplace, albeit with a few more cartridges. If you are in the market for a new razor/blade system, Micro Touch Tough Blade may be a worthwhile investment.

Regardless, try out that little razorblade forearm trick and your blades will longer no matter what brand you own.

Let us know what you think of Micro Touch Tough Blade (and of our razor sharpening tips) below!