Micro Touch One Club is a slick new website and set of shaving packages from Micro Touch that claims to give you the closest shave you’ve ever had with their modern version of the classic safety razor blade system. They state this type of razor is still the best way to shave after 100 years and promise to give you the same quality as some of the fancier razors for a fraction of the price.

What’s so great about shaving with a razor from Micro Touch One?

Micro Touch One states that they have taken the design of the original disposable razor blade – often referred to as a safety razor and first perfected by King Camp Gillette in 1901 – and modernized it for efficiency and affordability.

Basically, a safety razor is a razor blade on a stick; it is slightly bowed and has an exposed edge on each side, along with a “safety bar” to protect your face. As you shave, the weight of the stick/handle is supposed to keep it perfectly balanced in your hand so it glides across your skin, resulting in a perfect shave with one pass.

If you have never shaved with one before, you should know that this type of razor does have distinct pros and cons. Advocates claim it’s the closest, smoothest, quickest, and retro-coolest way for a man to shave. Those on the other side of the fence find it difficult to master and often end up with a face covered in tiny pieces of bloody toilet paper.

What does Micro Touch One Club charge for their safety razor systems?

Micro Touch One Club offers 3 different packages, which are essentially the same safety razor with a few extra touches.

The Micro Touch One Silver is the base model, made from chrome-plated solid brass and a weighted body with a pivoting head that they promise will give you a clean and close shave. It comes with 10 standard razor blades. Cost: $17.98 ($14.99 plus $2.99 shipping).

The Micro Touch One Black appears to be the same razor system with a “high end” black finish. It also comes with 10 blades but adds “shaving serum”, a fancier type of shaving cream. Cost $27.98 ($24.99 plus $2.99 shipping)

The Micro Touch One Rose Gold also uses the same basic chrome-plated brass, but this time it is coated in a rose gold color and appears to have a longer handle that is of a heavier weight. They also add 20 chromium plated German razors, pre-shave oil, shaving serum, and a styptic pen (for shaving cuts). Cost: $39.99, which includes free shipping.

The Micro Touch One Club website also offers these razors a la carte along with other accessories like a brush and shaving bowl.

How do I get my money back from the Micro Touch One Club?

Micro Touch One Club customer service: N/A

At the time we visited the Micro Touch One Club website, there was no phone number or email listed on the customer service page. This could be due to the fact that this site is still new. There was also no indication as to whether or not you could get your money back.

Bottom Line: Is Micro Touch One Club a great way to get a close shave from a safety razor for cheap?

Micro Touch One Club is essentially a fancied-up version of the Micro Touch One safety razor that has been out for many years (Micro Touch claims it’s the #1 selling safety razor in America).

With the “Club” they appear to be trying to compete with both the hoity-toity safety razor kits offered by sites like the Art of Shaving as well as budget-minded folks who may be using the Dollar Shave Club, a blades-by-mail subscription plan that uses disposable cartridges.

The Micro Touch One Club offers a “shaving consultation”, which they claim will point you to the correct blade package for your type. They also tout a blade comparison that shows shaving with the Micro Touch One is cheaper than all other options, at just 15 cents per shave.

But aside from being able to order or re-order products a little more easily, there doesn’t seem to be any distinct advantage to joining the Club. (Unlike Dollar Shave, they don’t send you blades every month.)

Reviews of Micro Touch One razor

Now that we’ve checked out all the bells and whistles of the website, let’s cut to the chase: what do people say about the Micro Touch One? Essentially, they are split down the middle: over at our sister publication Highya, the standard Micro Touch One averages 2.8 stars from over 240 reviews.

Those that love the Micro Touch One praise it for its ease of use and close shave, and say it’s a great value for the price. Those that hate it not only talk of a cheap-quality product that cuts them but also of being solicited over the telephone and being billed for things they didn’t want or buy.

Indeed, the Micro Touch One Club website’s privacy policy page allows them to solicit you via email, snail mail, and over the phone as well as give this info to third parties to do the same.

If you have purchased Micro Touch One and are receiving spam, they say you can unsubscribe here and you can tell them to stop calling you by emailing webmaster@digitaltargetmarketing.com.

Here’s our takeaway of the whole Micro Touch One brouhaha – we say avoid the “Club” and instead purchase at Walgreens, Target, or any of the multitude of retail outlets that carry at least the standard version. You can use regular stainless steel blades made by Gillette or any other manufacturer.

Again, with some patience and practice you can learn how to use a safety razor cleanly and effectively and you may never shave with a disposable again. If you decide you want to get really fancy, upgrade to Art of Shaving or the like.

As proof you can do it, here’s a YouTube video of a guy with a full beard who shaves off the entire thing with just one pass of the Micro Touch One.

Let us know your experience with Micro Touch One Club below!