Micro Chef Grill from Tri-Star Products proclaims itself as a BBQ for your microwave that will give you authentic, delicious grill cooking at microwave speed. Micro Chef Grill insists you can use it to cook a full meal in minutes, making it as crispy as you want and it will even have seared grill marks, all done within the confines of your microwave oven.

How does Micro Chef Grill work to act like an indoor barbecue?

Micro Chef Grill is a 1.5 QT tray and lid that has a ceramic-coated surface that is said to be non-stick and microwave safe. What they claim makes Micro Chef Grill different from a regular microwave cooking device is its “Micro Chef Technology”, that they say captures microwaves in the ceramic core and converts them into conduction and infra-red waves. They claim this reverses the inside-out cooking process that microwaves normally use and makes it more like a pan or grill, cooking with direct heat.

They boast you can use the Micro Chef Grill to cook an entire meal in just minutes, including hamburgers, steaks, shrimps, and grilled chicken along with potatoes or vegetables and without smoke or mess; they say you’ll also end up using 70% less energy than a traditional oven. They add that you can use Micro Chef Grill to cook other meals like sandwiches or breakfasts like eggs, sausage, and biscuits all in one pan.

Micro Chef Grill also cites a Harvard Health publication that they say concluded microwave cooking is the best way to retain your food’s vitamins. Therefore, they insist Micro Chef Grill is not only easy to use, but also better for your health.

What does Micro Chef Grill cost me to buy it online?

Micro Chef Grill retails for $39.99 plus $9.99 P&H for a total of $49.98. Your order includes:

  • Micro Chef Grill
  • Grill Press
  • Extender Ring
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Micro Chef Recipe Book

How do I return Micro Chef Grill for my money back?

Micro Chef grill has a 90-day money back guarantee, but this starts from the date of your order, not when it arrives on your doorstep. If you are not satisfied within that time period, they instruct you to call or email customer service to obtain an RMA number. You must pay to ship it back to them and then they will refund your money, minus the original P&H.

Micro Chef Grill customer service can be reached at 973-287-5164 or emailed at info@microchefgrill.com

Bottom Line: Is Micro Chef Grill a good way to grill foods in my microwave oven safely?

Possibly yes. Micro Chef Grill claims to use a ceramic coating, which is safe for the microwave. Generally speaking, using your microwave oven is safe, quick way to cook foods, but the amount of vitamins retained versus regular cooking is negligible. The charred food from barbecue has also been linked to cancer, but don’t fret. This is likely negligible too, especially if you don’t eat the burned part. While some people fear cooking in the microwave can harm you, this has been thoroughly debunked – just don’t cook food for too long and make sure you have a new or properly functioning unit.

What we’re saying is that if you’d like to try Micro Chef Grill it likely won’t hurt you and may give you a quicker meal that has some grill marks on it. But remember, this is an “As Seen On TV” product, which tend to overpromise and underwhelm consumers when they actually are put to use. In the commercial, they make it seem like Micro Chef Grill seems like it may cook a lot of food, but at 1.5 QTs its likely to feed only one or 2 people. The recipes listed on the website (except for the hot dogs) are said to only feed one person.

We’d also like to point out that although the 90-day guarantee seems generous, since it starts from date order and delivery is estimated between 7-10 days (but could be longer), you may have less time to try it out than you think.

We hope this helps you make a decision about Micro Chef Grill – let us know what you think of it below!