Magna Optix are sunglasses with replaceable lenses the makers boast is like having 3 pairs in one. Magna Optix claims to be the first sunglasses that allow for a quick change of lenses in seconds, thanks to powerful magnets that are embedded in the frame.

What’s so groovy about Magna Optix sunglasses?

Magna Optix claims their sunglasses allow you comfort and protection all day and night because the lenses are switchable. During the day they state you can wear the polarized lenses that block harmful UV rays and make it easy to see. Then, at night, with a quick switcheroo you can use the amber lenses to block glare and enhance vision for nighttime driving. When you are trying to read your smartphone or computer screen, they suggest using the third electro clear lens to put less strain on your eyes.

The secret to Magna Optix is said to be powerful magnets placed strategically around the glasses frame. The lenses on the other hand have pieces of metal in the same location. The result, they say, is an instant solid connection that holds together even in water.

What does Magna Optix sunglasses cost?

Magna Optix sells online as a buy one get one free offer for $14.95 plus $6.95 P&H AND an additional $2.95 for the second pair, making the real total $23.85 for 2 pairs. Each pair of Magna Optix comes with 3 lenses - polarized, amber, and electro clear.

How do I get a refund for Magna Optix?

Magna Optix customer service: 866-879-3432.

Magna Optix is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, but this doesn’t include the $9.85 in fees and you also have to pay to ship it back to them.

Bottom Line: Is Magna Optix a good pair of sunglasses to have?

Magna Optix is a very “attractive” (get it math geeks?) product but because it’s so new we couldn’t find any people that have actually used them. Generally speaking, cheap sunglasses protect the eyes just as good as expensive ones, so long as they have UV 400 lenses, which block 100% of the harmful light that damage the eyes.

However, you need to buy sunglasses from a trustworthy company, otherwise you likely end up with a product made from triacetate, which only blocks 40% of UV rays. Because there are essentially no regulations for nonprescription glasses and sunglasses, so as long as Magna Optix makes the general claim that it “blocks out harmful UV” they can sell these without getting a nasty letter from the FDA. 

In addition, we’d like to point out that the benefits of computer lenses like the electro clear are somewhat subjective and don’t work for everyone. In addition, as Lifehacker noted, the cheaper computer glasses tend to have a coating that scratches or easily comes off.

Therefore, based on the information we have on them, we don’t recommend buying Magna Optix. 

Alternatives to Magna Optix

If you like the idea of magnetic frames and you have a prescription you might be interested in Eyeglasses Direct, which currently have an A rating from the BBB and generally positive reviews on the web. 

If you are looking for something a little more stylish and have a few more bucks (like around $200) to spend you might want to check out Switch Sunglasses, which also use magnets and have lenses that are certified to protect from UV. 

But if you just want a cheap pair of shades, we recommend making sure buying ones with a UV 400 sticker on the lens. Otherwise, you could be getting less protection from the sun from UVA and UVB rays that can damage the eyes and possibly cause cancer. And that’s not very cool!

Let us know your experience with Magna Optix below.

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