Magic Mend is a screen door or window repair kit that claims to be instant and completely seamless. They say to cut to the correct size and use an ordinary blowdryer. In seconds, they claim the hole is gone and the mend nearly invisible.

This is a great idea, especially because it’s summertime (that’s probably why you’re here). But is Magic Mend really worth the price?

The Magic Mend Pitch

They seem to be targeting people who are especially afraid of bugs. “Keep Bugs Out!” exclaims the website, and the infomercial shows a scary spider slinking towards a hole in a window screen. They tout it’s great for rips or tears made by pets, kids, or clumsy adults. They promise this will save you time and money because you don’t have to replace the entire screen, which they say can be expensive and difficult.

How Magic Mend Works

Magic Mend comes in a rectangle they say is approximately 5”x7” and available in grey or black, like the majority of screens for doors or windows. They say it’s an “all natural” adhesive, but don’t provide any further details.

To use Magic Mend, cut to the desired size, slightly larger than the rip or tear you are trying to repair. Then, place over the hole and take a blowdryer to it. They claim in seconds the Magic Mend will blend in with the rest of the screen, leaving it almost invisible (“almost” being the key word here).

Magic Mend Costs:

$22.90. They disguise this by listing the retail price as $10 plus $7.95 shipping/processing and they charge you another $4.95 for the “free” second set. This translates to 10 5”x7” Magic Mends of the same color (black or grey) at $2.29 each.

Magic Mend Returns

You have 30 days to try Magic Mend, but even if you return the product within that time frame, they will still keep your $12.90 in processing and handling.

Bottom Line: Is Magic Mend a Scam?

In general, “As Seen On TV” products tend to disappoint. Specifically, the company that sells Magic Mend, Allstar Products Group, has many consumer complaints about deceptive marketing practices. Here’s what “bugs” us the most: the shipping and processing is more expensive than the product! We consider that a warning sign, because they will make money off you whether their product works or not. (And don’t get us started about their privacy policy, which allows them and “selected” third parties to solicit you via email, phone, and snail mail.)

In other words: if you’ve got a rip in your screen, you might want to either search around for DIY repair methods on the web, or wait until this product is available from Amazon or the like who won’t charge you an arm and a leg in non-refundable fees.